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Graduate Attribute Challenge Informatics Team B Adam Kohler Kratika Sangal.

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1 Graduate Attribute Challenge Informatics Team B Adam Kohler Kratika Sangal

2 Agenda Introduction Interviews Literature Review University & Graduate Attributes Limitations Conclusion

3 Graduate Attribute Challenge Introduction

4 The Study  Discover link between G.A. of UOW informatics graduate and employability skills sort after by employers. Main Objectives  Two part study – Interviews & Lit. review

5 Graduate Attribute Challenge Interviews

6 Employer’s Profile Interviewing Technique (s) Skills sought in new graduates Personal attributes Two sides of IT Other insights Comparison of responses

7 Interviews Employer’s Profile  Noel Parkhill  V. A. Pradeep  Daniel F Saffioti  D. P. Sangal

8 Interviews Interviewing Technique  Open ended questions Face to face interviews Probing technique Skills set  Attributes identified by team  Cross verification of responses

9 Interviews Skills sought in new graduates  Interest in discipline  Open minded  Analytical  Problem solving ability  Adaptability & Flexibility  Communication skills  Teamwork skills  Self learning ability  Interpersonal skills

10 Interviews Personal attributes  Presentation skills  Social skills  Leadership skills  Motivation  Creativity  Free thinker  Hard working  Agile

11 Interviews Two Sides of IT  Technical – CSCI, etc.  Non Technical – IACT, etc Expectations from graduates  Technical  Non Technical

12 Interviews Other insights  Commercial Schools vs. University Different skill sets  Knowledge Foundation  Narrow Scope  Significance of Postgraduate degree Importance Differentiating criteria

13 Interviews Comparison of responses  Work culture  Experience  Area within industry

14 Graduate Attribute Challenge Literature Review

15 Literature Reviewed Trends in IT Recruitment Comparison with Primary Research

16 Literature Review  Literature Review Material studied  Past Research Employer Satisfaction with ICT Research Graduates Employer Satisfaction with Graduate Skills Survey

17 Literature Review Trends in IT Recruitment  2002: unemployment among ICT professionals – 11.9%  2003: decline in ICT jobs  2003: Private Industry employment – 76%

18 Literature Review Comparison with Primary Research  Similar attribute skills sought after  Interviewees echoed almost identical ideas as presented in the literature by Dianne Hagan

19 Graduate Attribute Challenge University & Graduate Attributes

20 Striking a balance Short comings

21 University & Graduate Attributes Striking a balance  Conflict between industry requirements and Universities desire to include a broader theoretical knowledge base  Combination degrees / majors  Professional work experience

22 University & Graduate Attributes Short comings  Industrial relationships  Collaborative projects

23 Graduate Attribute Challenge Limitations of the Study

24 Time constraints Team structure Lack of resources Team synergy Skewed Outlook Untapped Resources

25 Graduate Attribute Challenge Conclusion

26 Main findings IT industry  Dynamic  Sensitive Faculty of Informatics  Adapting  Evolving Recommendations

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