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MuMMy Accounting. Master Forms Product Group Master.

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1 MuMMy Accounting

2 Master Forms

3 Product Group Master

4 Product/ Item Master

5 Product Unit Master

6 Account Group Master

7 Account Master

8 Narration Master

9 Party wise Item Attribute

10 Party wise Product group Discount

11 Transactions

12 Multiple Entry System

13 Cash Voucher

14 Purchase Invoice

15 VAT Sale Invoice

16 Retail Sale Invoice

17 ReportingSession

18 Available Reports ACCOUNTING REPORT 1. Ledger 2. Copy of Account 3. Account Group (Summary & Detail) 4. Trial Balance 5. Party Wise Monthly Cash Detail 6. Account Group Summary 7. Payment Collection Report 8. Trail Balance (Group wise) FINAL ACCOUNT 1. Trading Account 2. Profit & Loss Account 3. Balance Sheet INVENTORY REPORT 1.Item Status 2.Stock In Hand 3.Stock Valuation 4.Party Ledger 5.Product List 6.Item above Max Level 7.Reorder Level 8.Individual Voucher Transaction PURCHASE REPORT 1.Purchase Register 2.Purchase Register (Group Wise) SALE REPORT 1.Product Wise Monthly Sale Report 2.Party Wise Monthly Sale Report 3.Sale Report 4.Sale Register (Group Wise) SUBSIDIARY BOOKS 1.Cash Book 2.Bank Book 3.Day Book 4.Cash Cum Day Book 5.Copy of acc (All) 6.Ledger all heads 7.All transaction (Voucher wise) VAT / CST REPORTS 1. Form Vat 18 2. Form Vat 19 3. Form Vat 23 4.Form Vat 24 VAT CST Repots (Detail) 1. Vat Sale Tax Return form 23 Detail. 2. Vat Purchase Tax Return (Form Vat 24) 3. Summary of Vats Some exclusive reports and charts are shown ahead.

19 Account Group (Summary)

20 Monthly Detail of Expenditure

21 Monthly Summary of Expenditure


23 Monthly Detail of Income Groups

24 Monthly Summary of Income Groups

25 Income Statement


27 Account Group (Summary & Detail)

28 Trial Balance (grouped)

29 Party Wise Monthly Sale

30 Party Wise Product wise monthly Sale

31 Sale Register

32 For Queries Call : 98159-50621, 98141-20621 E-Mail : Web : Contact : MuMMy Software Corporation HIG-563, Focal Point, Chandigarh Road Ludhiana -141010.


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