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Introduction to iLs for Parents & Adult Users. What is Integrated Listening Systems? A Multi-Sensory Approach to Improving Brain Function Specifically.

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1 Introduction to iLs for Parents & Adult Users

2 What is Integrated Listening Systems? A Multi-Sensory Approach to Improving Brain Function Specifically processed music Custom made auditory equipment and headphones Physical movement Visual activities

3 iLs is a Complementary Program An alterative, safe, natural program performed in clinics, homes or schools A complement to other therapies and programs such as: OT, Speech and Language, PT, tutoring, computer tools, ABA, DIR Floortime, RDI etc. Does not conflict with medication

4 Areas of Improvement Auditory Processing Sensory Processing Academics Attention Sleep Sound Sensitivity Speech & Articulation Emotional Regulation Self Confidence Social Skills iLs helps accelerate gains in:

5 E FFICACY AND R ESEARCH Autism: study conducted by Dr. Teresa May Benson (Spiral Foundation, September 2012), showed significant improvement in social/behavioral, sensory processing, motor and language skills Literacy: Controlled university study of 64 disadvantaged children showed a 2-year gain in reading after three-month program Auditory Processing: Clinical data show over ~80% success rate remediating auditory processing difficulties, traditionally considered “a lifetime condition” Learning & Attention: Denver pilot study of 20 children resulted in 90% success rate (“success” = special-educ kids were mainstreamed and/or experienced substantial qualitative attention and behavioral improvement) Research data can be found at

6 C URRENT R ESEARCH Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD): Drs. Sarah Schoen and Lucy Jane Miller are measuring the effects of iLs on arousal and auditory processing in SPD children. ADHD & Sleep: A study measuring the effect of the iLs Pillow on those with ADHD and sleep difficulties Autism & Sleep: A study measuring the effect of the iLs Pillow on those with ASD and sleep difficulties Stroke: A study looking at the effect of iLs on stroke victims is being planned for Fall 2012. MTBI: A study measuring the effects of iLs on those with mild brain injury is being planned for Fall 2012. Balance and Fall Risk: A study measuring the efficacy of iLs to improve balance among the senior population begins in October 2012..

7 How Does iLs Work? Think Neuroplasticity… Stimulation Builds New Neural Connections Neuroplasticity is ability of the brain to to change given specific stimulation Neurons are activated through sensory input from our environment iLs provides simultaneous, multi-sensory stimulation to areas of the brain involved in emotional regulation, sensory processing, learning and communication.

8 A F OUNDATION IS N EEDED A strong foundation is needed before we can improve cognitive functions such as language and learning iLs begins by emphasizing sub-cortical processing (bottom-up) from the brain stem and cerebellum When sub-cortical processing is efficient, tutoring and other cognitive-based methods are more effective, and they “stick”

9 iLs Equipment Customized headphones Air and bone delivery Mini-amplifier Powers headphones iPod/Nano Loaded with music Waist pack 2 Chargers included- for iPod & amp, no batteries needed

10 Bone Conduction Major feature of the therapeutic effect of sound lies in the natural ability of the bones to conduct sound Stimulates the vestibular system Influences: regulation, spatial awareness, balance, coordination and body organization Calming influence

11 Integration Kit Included with all iLs Systems Playbook (movement guide book) Balance Board – Integrating balance, strengthening & focus Visual tracking equipment hanging ball bouncing ball bean bags

12 Why Combine Auditory, Visual & Movement? Provides training of inter-related systems Develops timing and a smooth interaction between the vestibular, visual and cerebellar systems More effective than listening alone

13 Functional Language & Auditory Processing Skills Children songs Vocal production: i.e. humming, singing Repeating words, phrases, tongue twisters Filtered Words Auditory memory Auditory figure ground Dichotic listening I NTERACTIVE L ANGUAGE

14 The iLs Pillow Originally developed to provide bone conducted music to young children with autism Clinical testing shows three major areas of influence: –Improving sleep –Reducing stress –Reducing auditory sensitivity (preparation for iLs headphone system) Popular with adults as well as children Available as a Pillow Insert, October 1st

15 iLs Program Structure Sessions length: 30-60 minutes –20 minutes of each session includes movement activities while listening –Remainder of session we recommend relaxing activities such as puzzles, Legos, walking, yoga, etc. Frequency: 3-5 sessions per week Program length: varies per person, most are 40-60 sessions –Repeating programs usually improves results, “the more, the better”

16 Professional Feedback Lucy Jane Miller, PhD, OTR/L Author, Sensational Kids Founder, Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation “At STAR Center our therapists use iLs for a few key reasons: 1) It can be customized to each individual’s needs 2) The bone conduction is a wonderful vestibular supplement 3) iLs seems to ‘jump start’ many children’s developmental changes…. 4) We use it with most of our children in clinic 5) We often combine home use of iLs with clinical programs.”

17 Professional Feedback Edward Hallowell, MD, Harvard Medical School faculty, child and adult psychiatrist, ADHD expert, Driven to Distraction author “Our centers consistently see excellent results with iLs with regard to attention and learning problems. iLs works at a neurological level so it’s a great complement to the behavioral, cognitive and medical approaches we use at Hallowell Centers… Even the best therapy only works if you actually stick with it, so the fact that iLs is not only effective but is fun and can be done at home makes it extremely appealing.”

18 In Summary iLs has trained 3,000 US therapists & is used in over 15 countries iLs is a safe therapy which complements other programs used by educators and therapists iLs has a global effect on the brain; affecting sub-cortical areas involved in regulation & motor skills also higher order functions such as language and cognitive skills iLs is a FUN program !

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