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Human Behavior Ch. 7—Becoming Aware

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1 Human Behavior Ch. 7—Becoming Aware
CONFLICT Human Behavior Ch. 7—Becoming Aware

2 What is Conflict? Conflict: struggle between at least two people who perceive a situation differently and are experiencing interference from the other person in achieving their goals Conflict: perception that one person’s goals, plans, and aspirations are incompatible with another’s

3 What causes conflicts? Control over resources Preferences & nuisances
Values Beliefs Goals Nature of relationship between 2 people Q. Is conflict considered a bad thing in our culture?

4 Negative Effects of Conflict
Positive effects of Conflict Negative Effects of Conflict Promotes growth in a relationship Allows for a healthy release of feelings Increases motivation and self- esteem How? If we believe that there will always be a winner and a loser Larger problems may occur if conflict is handled inappropriately

5 Styles of Conflict: Avoiding
You avoid the conflict Hope that it will just ‘disappear’ Okay if not an important relationship Results in greater misunderstandings, resentment, and hurt feelings Lose-lose situation

Passively give into the other party Prefer harmony to conflict Desire to be liked Believe that conflict is bad for relationships May develop feelings of resentment if used too much Lose-Win

7 Styles of Conflict: COMPETING
Aggressive, uncooperative behavior Feelings of resentment and hostility may result Often legitimately made by figures in authority May create feelings of wanting to get even and compete Win-lose or lose-lose

8 Styles of Conflict: COLLABORATING
Both parties work to resolve the conflict with the best solution agreeable to all parties Called the problem solving strategy Encourages openness and honesty Produces trust and respect Win-win

9 Styles of Conflict: COMPROMISING
Resolve conflict through assertive cooperation Value harmony as well as individual satisfaction ‘Everyone gets something’ Conflict is resolved, relationships are maintained Partial lose-lose

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