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European Funding - ESIF

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1 European Funding - ESIF
Richard Norton Voluntary Action Leeds

2 ESIF ESIF - European Structural Investment Funds
(delivery to 2023) Combines ERDF and ESF (+ EAFRD) Single growth programme through LEPs €390m (c£340m) for LCR plus equal match Some national match (Opt-Ins) but much to be found locally Managing Authorities – CLG, DWP (+ DEFRA)

3 Role of LEPs Managed through Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and ESIF Local Sub-Committees (LSCs) Sectoral representation Leeds City Region (exc Barnsley for ESIF) Programme has to align with LEP’s Growth Programmes and Strategic Economic Plan (SEP)

4 Leeds City Region Functional economic area
Largest city region outside London Largest regional financial centre UK’s largest manufacturing employment base 3m population; 1.3m workforce 100,000+ businesses £50 billion+ economy 4%+ of UK GVA 4

5 UK Investment Priorities
Emphasis on creating jobs growing business growing the economy reducing unemployment 10 ‘thematic objectives’ – 7 ERDF, 3 ESF

6 Thematic Objectives - ERDF
Innovation ICT Competitiveness - Small and Medium sized Enterprises Low Carbon Climate Change Environmental Protection Sustainable Transport

7 Thematic Objectives - ESF
Employment Social Inclusion Skills

8 Opt-Ins (National Match)
DWP for part T8 Employment BIG for part T9 Social Inclusion SFA for part T10 Skills Activities have to be agreed with Opt-In provider but then fully matched Will have own commissioning processes (NB BIG will award grants)

9 Commissioning Will be done through “calls” on national websites – initial 3-year contracts mostly 2-stage process Fully competitive Decision-making between ESIF LSCs (local fit) and MAs (technical compliance etc.) Mainly (but not all) large contracts at combined LA or LCR level, esp for Opt-ins

10 Commissioning - LSC role
Agree ESIF spend programme and Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Approve draft calls – based on ESIF Strategy and Sounding Groups Approve final calls Assess fit with LCR Strategic Assessment Framework (SAF) Role in decision-making – but variance with different Opt-ins

11 Third sector opportunities
Parts of T8 Employment and T10 Skills T9 Social Inclusion – BIG Opt-In New migrants e.g. Roma Early intervention programme T9 Social Inclusion – currently unmatched Community grants type programme Community-Led Local Development

12 Community–Led Local Development (CLLD)
Delivery of small community-based projects Delivered by small community-based organisations Areas with 10, ,000 population Can allocate up to 5% to CLLD (LCR higher) Recommends minimum of £1m per CLLD area (may increase)

13 Community Led Local Development (CLLD)
Requires a Local Action Group (LAG) Public, private and third sector partnership LAG develops a Local Development Strategy Strategy approved by Government Funding available for strategy development Accountable Body required Further guidance awaited

14 Engage with ESIF! Small BIG-funded project January – June 2015
VAL with CVS partner/s in each district Initial district-level engagement events Further events in response to demand – possibly cross-district/thematic New web pages/site, mailing list/s

15 Issues How to access – scale of contracts
May need to work across LA boundaries ?Lead bidders/primes to sub-contract to third sector – LAs, colleges, large TSOs (?3sc) Cash-flow – payment in arrears and by results Detailed Monitoring requirements Audit and clawback risks “Community grants” a good option for small orgs and CLLD if secured locally

16 More information National: LCR LEP: Doinggoodleeds:

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