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NEW ANGLIA LEP A European Structural and Investment Fund Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk.

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1 NEW ANGLIA LEP A European Structural and Investment Fund Strategy for Norfolk and Suffolk

2 Overview Approximately £94m of EU allocation for 2014-2020 (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD) Funding ‘live’ by late 2014/early 2015 Supports Strategic Economic Plan Provides the ‘hooks’ for project activity Firm basis of stakeholder consultation Multi-partner approach to development and delivery Strategy endorsed by LEP Board 24 th Jan ‘14 Submitted to Government 31 st Jan ‘14

3 Role of the LEPs 39 LEPs across England To provide strategic leadership and co- ordination of EU funding To promote relevance and consistency with broader strategic economic plans To support Government ‘Managing Authorities’ in making investment decisions

4 Funding FundEU allocationTotal spending (matched) €£€£ ERDF47,250,00040,455,45094,500,00080,910,900 ESF47,250,00040,455,45094,500,00080,910,900 EAFRD16,255,75113,015,87632,511,50226,031,752 Total110,755,75193,926,776221,551,502187,853,552 ERDF – SME competitiveness, Innovation, Low Carbon economy ESF – Skills, Employability, Social inclusion EAFRD – for complementary provision in rural areas. EAFRD is a derivative of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

5 Investment priorities and Spending proportions Thematic Objective (prioritised)ERDFESF% spend£ spend Education and Skills 50% £20,23m SME competitiveness 40% £16,18m Innovation 27.5% £11,13m Social inclusion 23% £9,30m Low carbon economy 20% £8,09m Employment and labour mobility 19.5% £7,89m Climate change 5% £2,02m Community Led Local Development* 7.5% £6,0m * Note: national uncertainties over the extent to which CLLD will be allowed

6 Investment Measures : EAFRD MeasureProportion of spendEAFRD £ Developing knowledge and skills in rural areas 25%£3,253,969 Business Development / Support for micro and small rural enterprises 25%£3,253,969 Broadband investment / small scale renewables 25%£3,253,969 Support for tourism activities in rural areas 25%£3,253,969 TOTAL100%£13,015,876

7 National Opt-in Services Decisions ‘ring-fence’ 23% of ERDF and 80% of ESF allocations for opt-ins. Opt-InDecisionInitial Period of opt-in Amount £ (per year or total) ERDFMASOpt IN3 years200-400k pa Growth AcceleratorOpt IN3 years150-250k pa UKTI TradeOpt IN3 years200-400k pa Low Carbon FundOpt INDuration3,000,000 ESFSkills Funding AgencyOpt INDuration25,091,000 Big Lottery FundOpt INDuration7,443,803

8 Social Inclusion Three Specific Local Objectives: 1.Early engagement with young people, especially those at risk of becoming NEET, looked after children, care leavers, children with special educational needs; 2.Support family members experiencing multiple barriers move towards employment; 3.Increase number of people able to access training and progress to employment or self-employment.

9 Employability Four Specific Local Objectives: 1.Supporting those most excluded from the labour market; 2.Supporting the long term unemployed into work; 3.Reducing youth unemployment; 4.Stem the flow of young people into NEET. Support for young people at risk of disengagement through re- engagement activities and prevention measures.

10 Social Enterprise Eight Specific Local Objectives, including: 1.To increase the number of start-ups and early stage business survival rates; 2.To reduce the number of business closures; 3.To ensure social and community enterprise start up and growth is integral to the landscape of specialist business support; 4.To design and provide access to flexible and appropriate finance that can resource non-profit distributing models of business.

11 Social Innovation Ten Specific Local Objectives, including: 1.To be an exemplar region for open innovation and absorption of existing and new technologies; 2.Increase in the proportion of businesses that are innovation active; 3.To ensure hinterland of growth locations benefits from innovation led growth; 4.Integrated innovation focus on key societal issues for Norfolk and Suffolk linking key enabling technologies and research.

12 Governance and Delivery LEPs will not have an official role in the administration of the EU funds. Government is still negotiating delivery models and “business process” with the EC, who remain concerned about risk. Possible mix of ‘commissioning’ and ‘open bidding’ It is anticipated that some resource (technical assistance) will be made available locally to assist in delivery. Requirement for all LEP areas to pull together a broad ‘Area Partnership Sub-Committee’ to support local decision-making. Norfolk County Council, in partnership with NALEP and Suffolk County Council have secured some funding from the current ERDF programme to support project pipeline.

13 Outputs and Results ≈ 5,000 businesses supported ≈ 1,000 start-up businesses supported ≈ 2,000 new jobs created ≈ 20,000 participants in skills and training ≈ 10,000 young people supported

14 What now? Opportunities for public, private and VCS projects. Start thinking about projects Work collaboratively 3 new ‘EU Facilitators’ in post to support project development for ERDF

15 Contact Alastair Rhind EU Programmes Manager 01603 510080 EU Investment Strategy available at:

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