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Defeating Barbary States American Involvement with France and Great Britain.

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2 Defeating Barbary States American Involvement with France and Great Britain

3 Defeating Barbary States

4 Barbary states made up Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia, and Tripoli Pirates from these countries began raiding these ships following the Revolutionary War Enslaved sailors for ransom Tribute-money paid by one country to another in return for protection

5 Jefferson sends warships to the Mediterranean Sea to protect American ships Marine force marched 600 miles across the Sahara and captured Tripoli

6 Great Britain and France

7 By 1803 Great Britain and France are at war with one another again U.S. remained neutral but traded with both Between 1803-1807, France seized 500 American ships and Great Britain seized more than a 1000

8 Jefferson orders an embargo against both Great Britain and France The embargo hurts the American economy and leads to many people smuggling goods The Embargo Act was repelled in 1809 just before Jefferson left office

9 The War of 1812

10 In the early 1800’s Americans continued to move West which greatly impacted the Native Americans Many died from diseases and had their food sources taken from them Several Native Americans including Tecumseh led a resistance movement

11 Governor of Indiana, William Henry Harrison attempts to put a stop to Tecumseh He marches 1,000 troops against the Shawnee in the Battle of Tippecanoe The Native American resistance movement declined rapidly after this battle

12 Tensions were high with Great Britain when Madison becomes president in 1809 because they had been supplying weapons to Native Americans Many Americans felt a new sense of nationalism Warhawks

13 Great Britain refused to stop seizing American ships and the Native Americans were beginning new attacks on the frontier settlements This causes the United States to declare war on Great Britain in the spring of 1812

14 Tough for Great Britain because they are already focused on fighting France The United States was not prepared for war at first because of the cuts made to the military by Jefferson First battle was a Navy battle won by the United States

15 Both the Americans and British were looking for control of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Many Americans were wanting to invade Canada General William Hull led an unsuccessful invasion of Canada

16 The Americans won an important 3 hour battle at Put- In-Bay under the leadership of Oliver Perry William Henry Harrison defeated the British in the Battle of Thames in which Tecumseh was killed In South, Andrew Jackson led the Americans to a major victory in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend

17 In 1814, the British defeated the French which allowed them to focus more on the United States The British attacked and burned the White House British then attacked Fort McHenry in Baltimore After a night of fighting the flag was still standing Led to ‘the Star-Spangled Banner’

18 Christmas Eve, 2014 the Treat of Ghent ends the war After the treaty, Andrew Jackson led the American forces to a great victory over the British at New Orleans (Treaty hadn’t reached the United States yet) Many saw this as the United States officially fighting off Great Britain to gain full independence

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