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Chapter 11: The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic 1800-1812.

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1 Chapter 11: The Triumphs and Travails of the Jeffersonian Republic 1800-1812

2 Federalist and Republican Mudslingers Why were the Federalists “heavily handicapped”? Why did the Hamiltonian wing of the Federalist party split with President Adams? How did not going to war with France affect the Federalist party? How did the Federalists attack Jefferson? How did Jefferson’s religious beliefs affect him politically? The Jeffersonian “Revolution of 1800” Who won the election of 1800 and what role did Aaron Burr play? How did the 3/5 compromise affect the election of 1800? How did the “lame duck” Federalist Congress affect the presidency of 1800? Who was the last Federalist president? Jefferson considered the election of 1800 a “revolution.” Was this actually the case? What did Jefferson believe his election meant? Describe the transfer of power from the Federalists to the Democratic- Republicans.

3 Responsibility Breeds Moderation Where was Jefferson’s inauguration and how did it differ from his predecessors? Jefferson stated, “We are all republicans, We are all Federalists.” Why was this important? Describe the rule of pell-mell and how does this relate to the atmosphere of Washington DC? Jefferson was considered unconventional, why? Jefferson was considered inconsistent, why? The Federalists believed that Jefferson would “grab the spoils of office.” What actually happened? What held the Democratic-Republicans together, as a party? Jeffersonian Restraint How did Jefferson deal with the Alien and Sedition Acts? Describe the Naturalization law of 1802 and its significance. What change was made to Hamilton’s economic system and why? Who was Albert Gallatin and what were his thoughts on the national debt? How did the Federalist “embrace” the Hamiltonian system? How did Jefferson’s “restraint” impact the two-party system?

4 The “Dead Clutch” of the Judiciary Describe the Judiciary Act of 1801. How did the Democratic Republicans view the Judiciary Act? Who was John Marshall and why is he significant? How did serving in the military affect Marshall’s views on government? Who was William Marbury and why did he want to sue the secretary of state? How did Marshall respond to Marbury’s lawsuit? Marshall claimed that the part of the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional. Why was this significant? Jefferson believed that ____________ should have the right to rule something unconstitutional. Describe the concept of Judicial Review and its significance. How did the Democratic Republicans respond to Marshall’s Marbury decision? What role has impeachment played in shaping the Supreme Court? Jefferson, a Reluctant Warrior How did Jefferson initially deal with the military? Why didn’t Jefferson want a large military? What is “peaceful coercion”? How did pirates in the North African Barbary States affect Jefferson’s thoughts on the military? How and why did the pasha of Tripoli informally declare war the United States? After four years of fighting in Tripoli, what happened? What was “the mosquito fleet”? How could the small boats be more of a menace to their crew?

5 The Louisiana Godsend The Spaniards withdrew the right of deposit guaranteed to Americans. Why was this significant? If France gained control of the tran-Mississippi region, what could have happened? Jefferson sent James Madison to France for negotiations. What was Madison supposed to do when he got to France? Why did Napoleon decide to sell Louisiana? How much did Livingston pay for Louisiana? Why was Jefferson surprised by the Louisiana Purchase? Why was Jefferson torn over the purchase? How did the senators and the public feel about the Louisiana Purchase? Louisiana in the Long View Why was Jefferson’s bargain with Napoleon “epochal”? What was the “valley of democracy”? How did the Louisiana Purchase set precedents for future expansion? How were the people of Louisiana affected by the purchase? How does the Louisiana purchase relate to isolationism? Who were Lewis and Clark? Describe Lewis and Clark’s journey. Who was Zebulon M. Pike and why was he important?

6 The Aaron Burr Conspiracies What fears were raised out of the Louisiana Purchase? How did Aaron Burr provoke those fears? How did Hamilton end up in a duel with Burr? What was the outcome of the duel? Who was General James Wilkinson and why was he important? Describe Burr and Wilkinson’s scheme. Burr was tried for treason. What was the outcome of the trial? A Precarious Neutrality Who won the election of 1804? What happened in Europe after the election? Britain had a superior _________ as demonstrated in the Battle of Tragalgar and France had a superior _________ as demonstrated in the Battle of Austerlitz. What were the Orders in Council? How did France respond to the Orders in Council? Describe impressment and why it made Americans angry. What happened with the Chesapeake? How did Britain respond to the Chesapeake incident?

7 The Hated Embargo Why didn’t America go to war? Jefferson thought that France and Britain needed American goods. What did he decide to do with this fact? Describe the Embargo Act of 1807 and its significance. What would happen if the embargo was successful? What would happen if the embargo failed? How did the American economy fair under the embargo? What role did Canada play in the embargo? Why did some people compare Jefferson to King George III? How did the embargo affect the Federalist party? Describe the Non-Intercourse Act and its significance. Why did the embargo collapse? How was a “leaky embargo more costly than none at all”? How was New England affected by the embargo?

8 Madison’s Gamble Jefferson left the presidency after two terms, who did he favor as his successor? Who won the presidential election of 1808? What problems would Madison have to overcome to be a successful president? Describe Macon’s Bill No. 2 and its significance. How did Madison feel about Macon’s Bill No. 2? How did Napoleon respond to Macon’s Bill No. 2? Why didn’t London feel the need to bargain with America? Madison reestablished the embargo against Britain but why was he upset by this? Tecumseh and the Prophet The Twelfth Congress was different from previous congresses. How so? How did the war hawks feel about Britain? How did the war hawks feel about the Native Americans in the trans-Allegheny wilderness? Who were Tecumseh and the Prophet and why were they significant? Describe the Battle of Tippecanoe. Who did Tecumseh fight with in the War of 1812?

9 Mr. Madison’s War Why did Madison believe war was inevitable? Why were the war hawks interested in Canada? Where were the Southern expansionists looking and why? Why did Madison turn to war? The war could be considered a test of ___________. Congress voted to declare war. What did this vote look like? Who supported the war and who was against the war? Why did New England oppose the war? What did New Englanders do that could be considered treasonous? Who did America fight in the war of 1812?

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