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Chapter 7 The Jefferson Era.

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1 Chapter 7 The Jefferson Era

2 7.1 Answers 1A. What were the political parties and who were their candidates in the election of 1800? The Federalist candidates were John Adams and Charles Pinckney. The Democratic-Republican candidates were Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. 1B. Why was the election of 1800 significant? The 1800 election was significant because it was the first peaceful transfer of power from one U.S. political party to another.

3 7.1 Answers 2A. What ideas for government did Thomas Jefferson stress in his inaugural address? Thomas Jefferson stressed the importance of the will of the majority, limited government, and the protection of civil rights. 3A. Who was John Marshall? John Marshall was the chief justice of the United States who wrote the opinion in Marbury v. Madison.

4 7.1 Answers 3B. Why is the power of judicial review important? Judicial review gave the Supreme Court the power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional, which strengthened the judicial branch’s power. 3C. How might the Marbury v. Madison ruling affect future actions by Congress? As a result of the Marbury v. Madison ruling, Congress would be more aware of whether proposed laws are constitutional.


6 How do you think Americans felt about the purchase?

7 Federalists did NOT like Jefferson
President Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican Federalists did NOT like Jefferson

8 Copy this prompt on page 6.
Write at least three sentences to answer this prompt. Did Federalists oppose the Louisiana Purchase for practical or political reason? (In other words, did the Federalists have real concerns, or did they just hate Jefferson?)

9 7.2 Answers 1A. What new states were added to the Union by the early 1800’s? Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio were added to the Union 1B. Why were New Orleans and the Mississippi River important to settlers in the West? New Orleans and the Mississippi River were important because settlers used the rivers and the port to transport products to and from markets.

10 7.2 Answers 2A. What two reasons did Napoleon have for selling Louisiana to the United States? Napoleon sold Louisiana because they needed money for a war against Britain. 2B. Why was the Louisiana Purchase important to the U.S.? The Louisiana Purchase was important because it doubled the size of the U.S.

11 7.2 Answers 2A. What areas did the Lewis and Clark expedition and the Pike expedition explore? Lewis and Clark and the Pike expedition explore present day western United States. 3B. Why were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark chosen to lead the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase? Lewis was a former army captain and Clark served with him in the military.

12 Essential Question of the Day
Who was Sacagawea? What was significant about Sacagawea’s accomplishments?

13 Sacagawea Close Reading
Directions: You will read the text multiple times After you read the text, there will be questions to answer TITLE your paper: SACAGAWEA CLOSE READING WRITE the question down. ANSWER in complete sentences

14 Sacagawea Close Reading
Read the article once and look for the major events in Sacagawea’s life. Question: Name three significant events of Sacagawea’s life. What does Sacagawea mean?

15 Sacagawea Close Reading
Read the article a second time. This time you may mark the text, underline/highlight any important words or phrases, and take notes on the side of the articles Questions Why did Lewis and Clark bring Sacagawea along in their journey? What happened to Sacagawea at the end of her life? What do YOU think happened? Why?

16 Sacagawea Close Reading
Read the article for a third time, and look for the PURPOSE of the article. Answer the question using EVIDENCE from the text. Why is this article important? Should Sacagawea be considered a significant part of America’s history? Why/why not? Why do you think Sacagawea did NOT stay with the Shoshone after reuniting with them after Lewis and Clark’s expedition? Why do you think she returned?

17 7.3 Answers 1A. In what ways did the war between France and Britain cause problems for the United States? Both nations began stopping searching American ships. 1B. What were the reasons for the failure of the Embargo Act? The Embargo Act failed because it ended up hurting American economy instead. **U.S. sailors were captured and forced to join the British Navy. In response to this violation, the U.S. passed the Embargo Act, hoping that refusing to trade with other nations will be punishment enough for them to stop captures American ships and sailors.

18 7.3 Answers 1C. Why do you think embargoes against Britain and France failed? Possible answer: Britain and France were able to trade with other nations. 2A. What was Tecumseh’s goal? Tecumseh wanted to unite Native Americans and stop the spread of American settlement.

19 7.3 Answers 2B. What role did Great Britain play in the conflict between the United States and American Indians on the western frontier Britain supplied military aid to the Native Americans. 3A. Who were the War Hawks? Why did they support war with Britain? The War Hawks were members of Congress that wanted to go to war. They wanted to stop British influence with the Native Americans, invade Canada, and end trade restrictions.

20 7.3 Answers 3B. Would you have supported going to war against Great Britain? Explain your answer.

21 7.4 Answers 1A. What losses did American forces face in the early battles of the War of 1812? What victories did they win? Losses: Fort Detroit, failed invasion of Canada Victories: Battles of Lake Erie, Thames River, Horseshoe Bend 1B. What role did American Indians play in the war? The Native Americans often sided with the British.

22 7.4 Answers 2A. What attacks did the British lead against American forces? The British attacked Washington D.C., Fort McHenry, Baltimore, and New Orleans. 2B. What do you think were the two most important battles of the war? Why? Possible answer: Fort McHenry because Americans stopped the British invasion.

23 7.4 Answers 3A. What was the purpose of the Hartford convention? The Hartford Convention’s purpose was to organize Federalist opposition to the war. 3B. How did the United States benefit from the War of 1812? The United States had more national pride and a boost in manufacturing after the War of 1812.

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