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Cyberlesson Let’s Begin TITLE AUTHOR: Presented by: Recommended Grade Level:

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1 Cyberlesson Let’s Begin TITLE AUTHOR: Presented by: Recommended Grade Level:

2 Let’s continue Return Home Introduction Short introduction lets audience know what is coming and generates interest Materials

3 Let’s continue Return Home Materials What materials are required- (must include a computer with and Internet Connection)

4 Let’s continue Return Home Before The Before Reading Activity is feasible. It builds background, generates interest in the book and helps set the purpose for reading. REMEMBER: Materials are provided along the way such as websites, graphic organizers, etc. Websites are appropriate to the book, age of the child and activity.

5 Let’s continue Return Home During The During Reading Activity helps reader to move through the text by helping to keep track of events and/or generating and confirming predictions. You can link to online graphic organizers or a word document to scaffold the during reading activity if desired.

6 Let’s continue Return Home After The After Reading Activity should encourage the reader to respond to, revisit and/or rethink about the text by having the reader: relive an important event, put him/herself in the shoes of a character, consider an important theme/idea, or evaluate the text by some criteria.

7 Let’s continue Return Home Beyond The Beyond Reading Activity should help the reader extend beyond the text making connections to other related texts such as books, movies, music, and events. This activity can also help provide more background information to an aspect of the book that has not been elaborated. (information about the setting, time frame etc.)

8 Let’s continue Return Home Evaluation The Rubric helps the reader to assess if tasks were completed satisfactorily. The rubric identifies what the reader has to do and to what degree in order to complete the cyber lesson successfully.

9 Let’s continue Return Home Credits Credits & References List here the sources of any images, music or text that you're using. Provide links back to the original source. Say thanks to anyone who provided resources or help. List any books and other analog media that you used as information sources as well.

10 Let’s continue Return Home Teacher Page Add any information and tips focus questions that will help the teacher implement this cyberlesson – specify the context- learning center, whole group, guided reading format etc.

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