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Math: Two-semester model Mary Parker Austin Community College

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1 Math: Two-semester model Mary Parker Austin Community College

2 Two Similar Programs Statway and Quantway From the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching New Math Pathways From the Charles A. Dana Center

3 National Program: Carnegie Foundation Pathways Statway. (2011-present) 2-semester sequence with developmental math integrated with the college-level statistics content. For students who place out of arithmetic. Quantway. (2012-present) 1-semester developmental math course for students who place out of arithmetic. Prepares them for college-level quantitative reasoning course, which Carnegie is also developing, but there seems to be less need for this. Statway currently offered in about 30 colleges around the country. Quantway is currently offered in about 21 colleges around the country.

4 4 Elem. Algebra Int. Algebra College Math Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 or more College Math Credit College Math Credit College Math Credit College Math Credit Statway Quantway A New Way: Coherent, Intensive Learning What Colleges Traditionally Have Done

5 Triple the success in half the time Statway 2011-12 and 2012-13: 50% of developmental math students received college credit within 2 semesters The traditional sequence: 6% of developmental math students complete college credit within 1 year 15% of dev math students complete college credit within 2 years Quantway 2012-2013 60% of dev math students completed dev math within a term The traditional sequence: 21% of students complete dev math requirements in a year

6 Characteristics of the program Activity-based learning. Extensive faculty support detailed guides for the activities and the Networked Improvement Community Integrated study skills, particularly “productive struggle.” Extensive formative assessment supporting conceptual learning. End-of-statistics-course assessment results have been shown to be equivalent to those of some appropriate classes of university statistics students.

7 It starts with… 7 7 Professional organizations established learning goals Benchmarking performance against college and university courses Critical Thinking Lessons, Assessments, Online Math that Matters LearningGoals, Curriculum, and Pedagogy

8 Authentic Contexts Algebraic Evaluation Evaluate: 3x -5 when x=4 Quantway™ Evaluation The formula for the braking distance of a car is 8 1.Let f = 0.8 and G = 0.05. Write a simplified form of the formula using these values for the two variables. 2.How can you verify your predictions about the relationship between velocity and braking distance?

9 What Students are Saying 9 “ It really makes you think critically with math instead of just getting answers.” “This class was really interesting and even though I hate math, I started to like it.” “…less calculation, fewer formulas, greater thinking….It will help you in everyday life.” “ This course actually relates to the real world and made math more easy.”

10 Dana Center New Mathways Project Started implementation Fall 2013. Some differences from Carnegie Pathways, but the overview is very similar. Working with the Texas Association of Community Colleges to implement it at all 50 independent Texas community colleges Based on the initial set of statistics activities co-developed with the Carnegie Foundation to begin their Pathways project.

11 Curriculum available under Creative Commons License On the Dana Center website is the entire initial set of activities for the two-semester statistics course from which both the Carnegie program and the Dana Center program developed. Activities have extensive discussion/instruction for teachers to support moving to an activity-based curriculum.

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