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Looking forward to doing

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1 Looking forward to doing
Verb patterns Want/hope to do Enjoy/like doing Looking forward to doing ´d like to do

2 Verb + -ing Enjoy Like Love Hate Mind Can‘t stand/bear Detest Avoid
Deny Go on/Carry on Keep (on) Postpone Give up Finish Suggest (!) Consider (!) doing

3 Verb + -ing or TO + infinitive (meaning is the same)
Prefer Start Begin Continue doing to do

4 Verb + -ing or TO + infinitive (meaning is different)
Stop Remember Regret Forget Try doing (talking about the past) to do (talking about the future)

5 Verb + TO + -ing Look forward to Be used to Get used to doing

6 Verb + TO + infinitive to go to work Want Plan Decide Try Hope Expect
Offer Forget Need Promise Refuse Learn Choose Manage Help Would like Would love Would hate Would prefer to go to work

7 Verb + sb. + TO +infinitive
Ask Tell Advise Expect Persuade Teach Remind Force Order Warn somebody to do

8 Verb + sb. + infinitive without TO
Let Make See Hear Help somebody do

9 Modal auxiliary verbs Can Could Shall Should Will Would May Might do

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