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The Harlem Renaissance

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1 The Harlem Renaissance

2 Bell Ringer Explain the literary term simile
Create a simile about the American Dream

3 Def of Harlem Renaissance
Harlem Renaissance - term used to describe a flowering of African-American literature and art in the 1920s, mainly in the Harlem district of New York City. During the mass migration of African Americans from the rural agricultural South to the urban industrial North (1914–18), many who came to New York settled in Harlem, as did a good number of black New Yorkers moved from other areas of the city.

4 Famous People of the Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes (male) Zora Neal Hurston (female)

5 Give the denotation of the word:

6 DEFER defer 1 diˈfər|verb ( -ferred , -ferring )
put off (an action or event) to a later time Example: They deferred the decision until February. Synonym: postpone

7 What happens when you defer your dreams? (Explain in 7 sentences)
Quick Write What happens when you defer your dreams? (Explain in 7 sentences)

8 A Dream Deferred A Dream Deferred---by Langston Hughes
What happens to a dream deferred? <A> Does it dry up -like a raisin in the sun? <B> 
Or fester like a sore-- And then run? <C> 
Does it stink like rotten meat? <D> 
Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? <E> Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. <F> Or does it explode?<G>

9 Questions Summarize the poem. What message is Hughes trying to get out? What literary element does Hughes use to describe dreams? Describe one of the images Hughes uses and why it is so powerful. Why do you think Lorraine Hansberry used the title from Hughes poem to as the title of her book, A Raisin in the Sun?

10 Homework

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