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Welcome to 360 Play FEC Regional Meeting 06.02.2014 State of the Industry 2015.

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1 Welcome to 360 Play FEC Regional Meeting 06.02.2014 State of the Industry 2015

2 Agenda Welcome and Introduction – Janice Dunphy SOTI Trends Survey Results SOTI Discussion EWYE’s F+B Trends for 2015 Visit England 2013 Survey Results

3 Headlines Positivity 65% of respondents showed an increase in turnover compared to 2014. 55% also up in 2013. Parties and F+B both gaining again Operators investing to grow 7% growth in charged for attractions (VE) Importance of digital and marketing investment


5 Comparison of Location versus Turnover

6 Comparison of Turnover versus Size of Site


8 Drilling down further in your 2014 figures - please describe the following trends in your revenue streams Admissions 44% have increased F+B 56% have increased Parties 50% have increased Other … Becoming more vital

9 Q8: In terms of the following area's of your business, in 2015 are you likely to be investing (cash, time, effort, resource) more, less or about the same??

10 Q9: What is your F+B GP? Answers ranged from 50 to 70% Average 60%

11 Comments We've noticed a revenue increase on our other ancillary businesses and we would like to explore it and potentially grown it with the right set-up. Increase in after hours parties & laser tag. But day time trade is poor even after school with a free meal offer. The unusually warm weather in 2014 meant we experienced a dip in pay to play in the second half of the year, but the introduction of a new laser arena helped claw back revenues in the form of party business. In our view families were not spending the same in 2014 compared to 2013 on F&B. However, our childcare club has seen a massive 25% increase in revenue and headcounts are still steadily climbing. Our childcare club now represents 15% of our overall turnover. Dryer weather… Public expectations on deals offered by online discount sites

12 “According to a few sources in the press and on- line – spice and especially good ole Deep Southern spice is going to be the big thing this year. Due to a growing street food trend for spicy American BBQ, Korean and Vietnamese dishes – this trend will be hitting the high street big time in 2015. Traditional sausages and burgers could soon be replaced by pork, beef, lamb and poultry infused with authentic creole and cajun flavourings. The ‘Cajun wave’ has already hit US style BBQ restaurants and smokehouses in London and across the UK, as well as being a firm favourite with street food markets nationwide – so it won’t be long before it’s everywhere!” Food Trends 2015



15 Visitor Attraction Trends in England 2013 Published August 2014

16 There were the beginnings of a recovery in the UK economy in 2013, with Gross Domestic Product returning to growth in each quarter of the year. It was a year of contrasts for the weather, with an exceptionally cold winter and spring followed by a warm and sunny summer, ending a run of six consecutive relatively dull and wet summers. Overall there was a +5% annual increase in in total visits to attractions in 2013, representing a strong recovery following the -1% decline reported in 2012. This increase was driven by a recovery in visits to attractions charging for admission, where there was growth of +7%, following the -3% decline observed in 2012. Headline Figures

17 This investment reveals the emergence of a strong digital trend, with 18% of attractions now offering mobile apps compared with only 7% in 2012. Almost all attractions (94%) now have a website, with 21% offering an online booking facility, and Facebook and Twitter now in common use. The proportion of attractions offering some form of digital communications other than a website increased significantly from 67% in 2012 to 77% in 2013. Those attractions offering some form of digital communications platform (excluding just a website or online booking facility) in 2013 saw gross revenue increase by 6%, but by only 3% amongst sites who do not. Importance of Digital

18 Results also reveal that attractions which invested more money in marketing in 2013 than previously saw an 8% uplift in visitors and a 10% increase in revenue, where those who spent less on marketing saw a 1% increase in visitors and only a 2% rise in revenue. Regionally, tourism in London is clearly booming as it tops the list with visits to attractions up by 8% in 2013, followed by the North East (up 6%) and the East Midlands (up 5%), indicating the important role of England’s attractions in enticing people to explore England outside of London. Marketing Investment

19 Welcome to 360 Play FEC Regional Meeting 06.02.2014 Any Questions…

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