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Verbos Irregulares en el Presente

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1 Verbos Irregulares en el Presente
Español II

2 Irregular Verbs Some verbs do not follow the regular pattern and therefore are irregular. There are four types of irregular verbs that we will discuss in this class. Irregular “YO” form verbs Stem-changing verbs Verbs with spelling changes “Super Irregular” Verbs

3 Irregular “YO” forms Some verbs are irregular only in the “yo” form.
This means that all other forms are conjugated normally. YO-GO verbs caer (to fall) – yo caigo traer (to bring) – yo traigo decir (to say/tell) – yo digo hacer (to do/make) – yo hago poner (to put/place) – yo pongo salir (to leave/go out) – yo salgo tener (to have) – yo tengo valer (to be worth) – yo valgo venir (to come) – yo vengo

4 Irregular “YO” forms C -> ZC Verbs
aparecer (to appear) – yo aparezco conocer (to know – people or places) – yo conozco crecer (to grow) – yo crezco conducir (to drive) – yo conduzco merecer (to deserve) – yo merezco obedecer (to obey) – yo obedezco producir (to produce) – yo produzco traducir (to translate) – yo traduzco

5 Irregular “YO” forms Other “yo” changes caber (to fit) – yo quepo
dar (to give) – yo doy saber (to know – “how to” or facts) – yo sé ver (to see) – yo veo


7 stem changing verbs “shoe” or “boot” verbs

8 Stem-changing verbs The stems of these verbs change when stressed.
“shoe” or “boot” verbs The “nosotros” form does not change. E->IE E->I cerrar (to close) pedir (to ask for, request) comenzar (to begin) reír (to laugh) empezar (to begin) repetir (to repeat)* pensar (to think) servir (to serve) perder (to lose) seguir (to follow) querer (to want) sonreír (to smile) sentir (to feel) vestir (to dress) tener (to have) *The second “e” changes.


10 More stem-changing verbs
O->UE almorzar (to eat lunch) U->UE: JUGAR contar (to count) costar (to cost) dormir (to sleep) morir (to die) mover (to move) poder (to be able) soñar (to dream) volver (to return, go back) juego jugamos juegas juega juegan


12 *Fill in the sentences with the correct “yo” forms of the irregular verbs in parenthesis.
1. 9. 2. 10. 3. 11. 4. 12. 5. 13. 6. 14. 7. 15. 8. 16.

13 Spelling Changes



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