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Training, Awareness and Competence EPA Regions 9 & 10 and The Federal Network for Sustainability.

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1 Training, Awareness and Competence EPA Regions 9 & 10 and The Federal Network for Sustainability

2 2 Overview Requirements EMS training program Training timeline Other required environmental training Training records

3 3 Requirements ISO 14001 Regulatory Organizational

4 4 ISO 14001 Requirements The organization shall identify training needs and require that all personnel whose work may create a significant impact on the environment have received appropriate training. Personnel performing tasks which can cause significant environmental impacts shall be competent based on education, training, and/or experience.

5 5 Conformance with environmental policy and EMS Significant environmental aspects of work activities Roles and responsibilities in EMS Emergency preparedness and response Potential consequences of departure from specified operating procedures (SOPs) ISO 14001 Requirements continued

6 6 EMS Training Program Identify training needs (document this procedure) Provide appropriate training Maintain training records

7 7 Training Timeline General EMS Training: First group - EMS coordinator, EMS team Second group - Facility manager, senior managers Third group - All employees Specific Training on SOPs: Supervisors and responsible employees

8 8 Audience and Needs EMS Coordinator - thorough knowledge of EMS framework EMS Team - working knowledge of EMS framework Senior managers - knowledge of purpose and management role in EMS Employees with significant aspects – role in EMS and responsibilities All employees - basic environmental and EMS awareness

9 9 Other Environmental Training Many regulations require training –HAZWOPR, OSHA, SPCC EMS requires training if it pertains to a significant impact or aspect EMS requires procedures for maintaining training records

10 10 Locate Training Source Contractors –Agency EMS contractors –ISO 14001 trainers - ANSI-RAB accredited trainers – Agency trainers On-site trainers Train-the-trainer Web-based training

11 11 Training Records Legible, identifiable and readily retrievable Protected against damage, deterioration or loss Retained and available to verify conformance

12 12 Summary Training is essential to an effective EMS Determine audiences for general and specific training Identify trainer Develop and implement training schedule Keep accurate and complete records

13 13 Exercise 3 Training Needs Plan – Content and Frequency Job ClassDetailed EMS Implementation Training Awareness TrainingJob Specific Training Lab Tech Line Manager Office Assistant EMS Team Etc….complete additional rows Contact Person:Date Completed:

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