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Nutrition in Elementary School By Krista Mossman

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1 Nutrition in Elementary School By Krista Mossman

2 Importance of Nutrition Nutrition helps growth ◦ Types of food that help  Carrots help eye health  Milk keeps bones strong

3 Continued… Nutrition helps wellness ◦ Types of help  Less doctor visits  Less tummy aches  Less headaches

4 My Plate

5 Advantages to Adding Nutritious foods in School Less children getting sick ◦ Healthier foods keep kids well Less fighting about different foods ◦ Everyone has the same items ◦ No changing sweets for other items

6 Continued… The children will learn to like it ◦ If all the choice they have is healthy food, then they will probably eat it eventually. ◦ Most children can help persuade the other kids to eat something

7 Disadvantages to adding nutritious foods in school Most kids do not eat healthy ◦ Students throw away food ◦ Kids go all day without eating  Is it more important to have all healthy foods?  Should we give them more choices?

8 Different ways to incorporate healthy snacks Teach about ways it could benefit them Get them involved in coming up with healthy alternatives ◦ Make an assignment about bringing a healthy snack to class

9 Continued… Ask them how they feel about eating healthy Have them tell you what they eat at home ◦ Do they have fruits? ◦ Do they have vegetables?

10 Fitness Fitness in another type of wellness that goes along with nutrition. Different types of fitness ◦ Running ◦ Stretching ◦ Playing Sports

11 Continued… There needs to be more wellness and fitness in schools. Some schools are taking away playground time ◦ Should we fight it? ◦ How should we fix it?

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