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Healthy Places, Healthy Lives Dr Catherine Hannaway Senior Fellow, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

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1 Healthy Places, Healthy Lives Dr Catherine Hannaway Senior Fellow, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

2 Healthy Places, Healthy Lives is a national programme to improve health inequalities through commissioner-led actions on the wider and social determinants of health. The programme brings together the expert knowledge of the Health Inequalities National Support Team (HI NST), Local Government Improvement & Development (LG ID) and the NHS Institute For Innovation And Improvement (NHSI), in addition to access to the findings of the Marmot Review and national Total Place programme.

3 3 2) Enable all children, young people & adults to maximise their capabilities & control their lives. Policy objectives Effective evidence-based delivery systems. Reduce health inequalities and improve health and well-being for all. Policy Goals Create an enabling society that maximises individual and community potential. Ensure social justice, health and sustainability are at heart of policies. 5) Create and develop healthy and environmentally sustainable places & communities. 4) Ensure healthy standard of living for all. 3) Create fair employment & decent work for all. 1) Give every child the best start in life. Equality & health equity in all policies. 6) Strengthen the role and impact of ill- health prevention. Policy mechanisms

4 SiteTopicSiteTopic Barking & Dagenham Obesity Kirklees Infant Mortality Isle of White Alcohol Tees Early detection of cancer Eastern & Coastal Kent Teenage Pregnancy Lincolnshire Alcohol Milton Keynes Obesity Great Yarmouth Alcohol Brighton Alcohol NE Lincs Childhood Obesity Medway Cardio Vascular Disease Ashton/Wigan Domestic Violence/children Southampton Obesity Salford Smoking, exercise & wt reduction Enfield Childhood Obesity Warrington Risky Behaviours in Teenagers Luton Childhood Obesity Trafford Alcohol and Drug Misuse Tower Hamlets Adult re-offending Warwickshire Coventry Wolverhampton Alcohol Stoke on Trent Smoking Cessation Herefordshire CVD & Smoking Cessation Blackburn/Darw en Domestic Violence North Lincs Risky Behaviours in Teenagers

5 Early Detection of Cancer in Hartlepool Louise Wallace Assistant Director Health Improvement Healthy Places Healthy Lives (HPHL)

6 HPHL – one example of partnership and collaborative working to solve complex public health issue Hartlepool, like many other places across North East, have a long tradition of strong partnership working Complexity of many public health problems – it is essential to have effective partnerships to get outcomes Partnership

7 Improve awareness – early detection of lung and bowel cancer Reduce inequalities – access and outcome Measurable, demonstrable Legacy - sustainable HPHL – what are we trying to achieve together?

8 Scope key stakeholders – who is interested Get buy in Pool baseline information, evidence, gap analysis Agree a realistic, measurable aim Plan how to get there Know when you have been successful Where do you begin?

9 Patient/PublicClinicians Community Leaders Public HealthPoliticians Specialists Practitioners FundersManagers Policy Makers PCT/LAPublic Health Intelligence Academics Cancer Network Who is a partner?

10 Check what you want from them, what they are able to bring and take away from involvement Ways to do this:event steering group communication Shared learning How do you harness them together?

11 Time/many other competing issues Political change Who is future influencer/funder Who has capacity Momentum Right balance of skills at right time Recognising each persons/partners contribution Challenges

12 Leadership Co-ordination Give and take Tolerance Awareness of cultural differences Momentum/drive/conviction mandate Tangible outcomes Realistic resources All partnerships need:

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