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GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY Towards delivery of the London Health Inequalities Strategy London Public Health Network 21 st May 2010 Helen Davies GLA Health.

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1 GREATER LONDON AUTHORITY Towards delivery of the London Health Inequalities Strategy London Public Health Network 21 st May 2010 Helen Davies GLA Health Policy Manager

2  Improve the health of all Londoners; promoting both mental and physical well-being  Reduce the gap between Londoners with the best and worst health outcomes  Promote the economic, social and environmental changes that will improve quality of life for all Londoners  Empower individuals and communities to take control of their lives and make healthier choices, with a particular focus on the most disadvantaged High level ambitions for London HIS

3 Preparatory work for strategy Collation and analysis of published evidence “Call- for- evidence” to 600 VCS groups Outreach initiative to engage small / new groups Policy and programme mapping to identify gaps Ongoing stakeholder engagement Publication of Issues, priorities and options discussion paper and background documents Publication of Living Well in London draft for consultation with London Assembly, GLA Group, NHS London and the London Health Commission Public consultation on draft Health Inequalities Strategy


5 1. Empowering individuals and communities to improve health and well being 2. Improving access to high quality health and social care services 3. Reducing income inequality and the negative consequences of relative poverty 4. Increasing the opportunities for people to access the potential benefits of work and other forms of meaningful activity 5. Developing and promoting London as a healthy place for all Mayor’s five strategic objectives

6 Empowering individuals and communities  Promote effective parenting, early years development and young people’s emotional resilience  Motivate and enable Londoners to adopt healthier behaviours and engage in life-long learning  Build knowledge about health and well-being, tackling stigma and taboo in the process  Promote community development approaches to improve health, and actively support the role of the third sector  Build public sector capacity to engage more effectively with individual, communities and the voluntary and community sectors

7 Equitable access to high-quality health and social care 6. Call upon local political leaders to champion action on health inequalities and promote collaborative work 7. Lobby for a fair share of resources for London and increase investment in public health, prevention, and early years intervention 8. Influence the NHS and boroughs to make more equitable allocation of resources and promote more effective commissioning to improve services for disadvantaged groups or areas 9. Improve the accessibility of health and social care services and invest in advocacy, information, advice and language support 10. Track and report on progress to improve the quality and accessiblity of health and social care services

8 11. Tackle barriers to employment and promote access to work for excluded groups 12. Maximise incomes for those not in paid employment, raising awareness and take-up of entitlements 13. Work towards achieving levels of household income necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle 14. Improve financial inclusion and literacy and increase financial security at points of transition 15. Improve the affordability of opportunities that promote health and well-being Income inequality and health

9 Health, work and well being 16. Invest in health at work, promoting equalities and building capacity for mental and physical well-being 17. Promote effective ways to improve retention and in-work support for carers and people living with illness or impairment 18. Improve provision of timely, effective support to help people with health problems back into sustainable employment 19. Support home-based workers, including unpaid carers, to ensure they obtain the benefits of ‘good’ work 20. Promote the benefits of volunteering and increase opportunities for Londoners to volunteer in a more diverse range of settings

10 Community groups Small/medium businesses Mayor’s Award for Active Travel

11 Healthy places 21. Ensure new homes and neighbourhoods are planned and designed to promote health and reduce health inequalities 22. Improve the quality of London’s existing homes and neighbourhoods, especially in areas with poorer health 23. Manage public places across London to be safer and more inclusive 24. Deliver new and improved opportunities for healthier lifestyles 25. Raise awareness of the health benefits of access to nature and green spaces, and extend these benefits to all Londoners


13 Cross-cutting commitments 26. Provide regional leadership and support strategic partnership action, tracking and reporting progress towards improved health 27.Enhance local leadership expertise and capacity to influence effective action to reduce health inequalities 28. Ensure health inequalities considerations are systematically embedded in strategies, programmes, and investment decisions 29.Specify intended health inequalities outcomes and develop programme-specific targets for strategies impacting on social and economic determinants of health 30.Build a stronger evidence base on effective interventions and the economic case for action, openly sharing learning

14 Mayor’s challenges to leaders 1.Promote wider access to employment 2.Maximise the benefits of ‘good’ work 3.Support the LLW and facilitate access to financial advice 4.Contribute to making London a healthier place for all 5.Develop high ambitions for health-related services and work towards continuous improvements and learning 6.Develop integrated solutions for children, young people, people living with long-term illness 7.Promote physical and mental health and resilience 8.Raise awareness of health issues and challenge stigma 9.Make it easier for Londoners to make healthier choices 10.Provide support to community groups

15 Next steps towards delivery  Establish HIS Delivery Board, chaired by Pam Chesters, Mayor’s Health and Youth Opportunities Advisor  Establish HIS Delivery Partners Group to develop ‘First Steps to Delivery’ Plan and lead coordinated action  Work with and through existing partnerships – including London Health Commission and GLADA  Continue and conclude bilateral negotiations on specific areas  Convene expert round-table sessions on priority areas, to further shape plans for delivery of Actions to 2012  Agree high-level indicators and prepare baseline report  Mayor’s Leadership Summit in Autumn


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