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Samantha’s History Project!!!!! By Samantha Smith*

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1 Samantha’s History Project!!!!! By Samantha Smith*

2 Introduction My family doesn’t know what country we came from, what language we spoke, etc., etc. So what I did was I asked my Mom’s mom and my Dad’s Aunt about their history. Read on and find out more.

3 Mother’s Side: Historian’s the Best of All!!!!! The other day, I was talking to my Mom’s mom… She said that the foods she ate were Southern foods such as Spaghetti, Porckchops, and Chicken. She grew up in Gary, Indiana and is now in Gary too. Grandma speaks English also. She was born somewhere around 1940.

4 Mother’s Side: Economists Will Be Sad!!!! As far as I know, Grandmother didn’t have a job. She was just a regular kid just like me but a while back. To be honest, I don’t know if they made a living or not either. There are lots of possibilities.

5 Mother’s Side: Go Ask the Geographer!!!! The place where my Grandmother grew up in (Gary, Indiana) is kind of like Downtown Detroit. It has old buildings and houses. The climate and temperature is the same but the time is about a hour apart from us.

6 Mother’s Side: Political Sience is Out of this Area!!!!!!! My grandmother never left Gary, Indiana. She might have moved to another road but not another city. Plus, she already was born in America so she is already in the American Culture.


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