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Celebration of Culture

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1 Celebration of Culture
Culture is the way we do things in our country.

2 Language In the U.S. the language we speak is English which is used in other countries but with different accents. But most people from countries like India, France, and Mexico don’t speak English very well because they haven’t heard it, or even been taught it.

3 Food Our food in America are very different from other countries like London, France, and Africa because like pizza people from France like different types of toppings and a lot of garlic. Unlike the U.S. we have the basic toppings.

4 Clothing Our clothing are different from countries like India, and London. In the U.S. men and women where casual clothes. Verses India and London they where very colorful clothes. In London men where skirt type clothes.

5 Religion My family Religion is Church of God in Christ. Other peoples religion are different. Like in some countries they do their religion way different than how we do ours. Countries like India, and Italy.

6 Art In some countries there are different kinds of art like abstract art which was made up in another country. Also in music we have all different kinds of styles of music like jazz, country, and so on.

7 Ethnic or Racial Background
My racial background is African American but it doesn’t matter what color you are you deserve to be treated like everyone else in the world. In the U.S. you are treated just like that.

8 Literature Literature is a very important part of our life because without books we wouldn’t be very good readers. Or if we didn’t study writing we wouldn’t be able to type or spell well.

9 Family My mom has worked in retail for ten years my dad has worked at Cable One and is now working at Windstream. My mom and dad built my character in so many different like letting me make mistakes and then I learn from them. Every year my family has a get together on thanksgiving which is a wonderful tradition.

10 Holiday During the holidays my family all ways get together to catch up with each other and just enjoy and have a great time. During Christmas and Thanksgiving.

11 Government/Economical System
The Government in our country doesn’t control every thing we do like some countries. In America we have freedom and in other countries the government is like a dictator. Our system runs very well with our president now.

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