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Let’s Set Up Google. Open your Google Chrome Browser.

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1 Let’s Set Up Google

2 Open your Google Chrome Browser

3 ▪Click “Next” Set up Google Chrome Browser (Each Computer you log into

4 Set up your Google Chrome Browser (Cont.) Step 1: Open Google Chrome and find the “Sign-in” menu. If you do not see it, click on the Chrome Button and click Sign-in

5 Signing into the Google Chrome Browser 1 2 This is your Chrome Button

6 ▪ Enter your full e-mail address to log-in (ex. ▪ Password will be Rangers13 (for inital log-in) ▪ Every time after when logging in, you should click on the Chrome Button in the top right hand corner and go to either “settings” or “sign-in” and log into Chrome to get access to both Google Apps and your Google Chrome information (settings, bookmarks, etc.) ▪ If you are not prompted to change your password, do the following… 1. When inside Google Drive, Click on your name in the top right hand corner 2. Click on Account in blue 3. Click on “security” on the top of the screen 4. Click on “Change password” Chrom e Button! The First Time you Sign-in

7 ▪Step 2: You will be prompted to link your data (Bookmarks, settings, history), Click “Yes, link my data” at School, when at Home, see the last slide in this slideshow Signing into Google Chrome (Cont.)

8 ▪Step 3: Click “ok” in the top right hand corner ▪Your bookmarks, home button, and history will come up on your browser Logging into Google Chrome (Cont.)

9 ▪Click on the Chrome Button in the Top Right Corner ▪Click on “Settings” Customize your Settings

10 ▪Click on “Open this Page” and type in and then click “ok” ▪Under “Appearance” check the two check boxes and then click on change Customize Your Settings (cont.)

11 ▪ To set up a bookmark, go to the webpage you want to bookmark and click on the in the URL Bar ▪ You can change the name of the bookmark and save it to the “bookmark bar” folder or a different folder ▪ You can bookmark more websites later as you need to Set Up Bookmarks

12 Students Log-in: Staff Log-in: Your password is not linked to your computer log-in, so it may be different, depending on what you changed it to. You can always sign in at the main menu. Last 4 numbers of student ID Signing into the Google Main Menu

13 So you can sign in to Chrome from home... ●When you sign in from home, you will want to be sure to follow these steps to make sure that you do not link personal data (bookmarks, history, etc.) with your school account 1. Open your Chrome Browser at home 2. Click on the Google Chrome Button and Settings 3. Next Scroll Down and Click on under “Users” 4. You can then pick an icon for your lakewood account and name it “Lakewood Account” 5. You will then be prompted to sign in to your account using your full e-mail ( and enter your password 6. You can then click “Yes Link My Data” and you will have all of your settings!

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