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2 ASK YOUR PARTNER What do you usually do on the weekend?
Where do you normally buy your groceries? Do you ever go to the gym? How often? Do you often watch scary movies? What do you bring to class with you every day?

3 Check your knowledge! Answer the questions:
Where do polar bears live? How many legs does a butterfly have? What country does the football player Ronaldinho come from ? How many strings does a violin have?

4 Fill the blanks using the frequency adverbs

5 Hi Jessica

6 Now Guess…. What do you think is happening at the party now?

7 Past Simple&Past Continuous Ask the Qs to your friend:
What was the last movie that you watched ? Where did you spend your last holiday? Did you study for the finals or was it just luck that passed to level D ? :S If the answer to the 3rd question is “No”, what were you thinking?

8 Now, How many different tenses did you see in the text?
Last night Mr. and Mrs. Rojas stayed home. It was cold and rainy and they didn’t want to go out in the bad weather. Mrs. Rojas made some popcorn and ice tea. At 8:00, Mr. and Mrs. Rojas went into the living room, sat on the sofa and began the movie and ate and drank. At 8:15, Mr. and Mrs. Rojas realized they already watched the movie last year and they didn’t want to watch it again. “Now what?” asked Mr. Rojas. “Let’s play cards!” answered Mrs. Rojas. At 8:30 Mr. and Mrs. Rojas started to play cards. They were playing for about 10 minutes when Mr. Rojas looked out the window. The rain changed to snow and the trees were covered in beautiful white snowflakes. “I’m happy we stayed home tonight. It looks beautiful outside but this weather is very dangerous to drive in.” said Mr. Rojas. “You’re right,” said Mrs. Rojas, “but I’m bored. Let’s play some music and dance.” Mr. Rojas was surprised. “Dance? But I really don’t ….” “Oh come on!” Mrs. Rojas insisted. She put on a romantic CD and they both started to dance. They were dancing for about 1 minute when suddenly the music stopped and the lights went out. Mrs. Rojas laughed. “We’re just not very lucky tonight, are we?” she said. Mr. Rojas said, “Of course we’re lucky! We are together!” He kissed her and continued to dance with her, in the dark and without music Show Ss the text first then click, the text will disappear, the red question will show up. Then one more click, the text will come back and then one click more, the rest.. Now, How many different tenses did you see in the text? Ask three questions to your friend about the story? e. g: Where did Mr. and Mrs. Rojas stay last night?


10 USED TO Get up- spend – catch - live-- make When I was young, we………………. In a big house in the country side. On summer mornings, we ……………. while everyone was asleep. I ………………. breakfast for myself and creep out of the house to go fishing. I …………….. hours fishing in a small river near our house. Once, I……………. an enormous trout. used to live used to get up used to make used to spend caught



13 Sally wants to go to a law school and is being interviewed by John Smith, one of the lecturers 
Sally : I (work) _______________ as a shop assistant first ; but some customers (be) __________________ too difficult to handle, so I (start) _________________ working as a taxi driver. I really (need) __________________ to save some money for my future education. John : Right Sally. Let’s find out something about you. When (you/graduate) _______________ from high school ?  John : How long (you/work) ___________________ as a shop assistant? Sally : Two years ago. Sally : Nearly for three months. And since then I (be)________________ a taxi driver. John : What (you/do) ________________ since then ? John : How much (you/save) _________________ so far ? Sally : I (have) _____________________ some work experience. Sally : About $ 2000.  John : What job (you/do) ____________ first ? John : That’s quite good. Good luck in your future career.

It began raining two hours ago. It is still raining now. *It has been raining for two hours. This is the present perfect continuous tense.

Jane started to work in her garden at 8:00 this morning. Now it is 12:00. She has been working in her garden for 4 hours! Wow! She must be tired now!

16 Where’s Kelly. She’s sleeping. She’s been sleeping for a long time
Where’s Kelly? She’s sleeping. She’s been sleeping for a long time. Sam and Paul are talking in the hallway. They have been talking since class ended.

17 What is the difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive?
There is almost no difference in meaning. How long have you been living here? How long have you lived here? (=The same meaning)

18 What is the difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive?
If you say: “I have been writing for 5 hours.” The important thing in the sentence is the time. If you say: “I have written thirty pages.” The important thing in the sentence is number of pages.

19 When can’t you use Present Perfect Progressive?
With non-progressives. You can say: “I have known Alex for 20 years.” You can’t say: “I have been knowing Alex for 20 years.” With experiences. You can say: “I have flown twice before.” You can’t say: “I have been flying twice before.” Wıth expressions such as already, just, yet You can say: I have already had my lunch. You can’t say: “I have already been having my lunch”

20 Exercise : Look at the chart and make sentences using present perfect progressive and present perfect tense.


22 Thanks!

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