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Home Care Services (H1) Survey >Reshaping Care for Older People.

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1 Home Care Services (H1) Survey >Reshaping Care for Older People

2 Reshaping Care for Older People >Older people are an asset not a burden >We are adding healthy years to life >We need a shift in philosophy, attitudes and approaches >Services should be outcome focussed >We need to accelerate the pace of sharing good practice >The importance of aligning partnership resources to achieving policy goals >The costs and funding of care

3 Whole System Changes >prevention and anticipation >delivering better outcomes >empowering and enabling people >building community capacity >anticipatory care and support for self management >holistic and person centred care >integrated design and delivery >services and staff that are flexible and sensitive to change >reliable consistent and equitable >respect and dignity >quality and value, appropriately balancing safety and risk

4 Costs and balance of funding of care Philosophy of care – mutual support Reliable, equitable, affordable and appropriate careEmpowered and enabled citizens Supporting independence and quality of life Self-assessment and co-production approaches

5 Support, Services,Treatment >Preventative, anticipatory, complex and crisis care all required >Integrated care across clinical, social, physical and emotional care >Re-ablement focus to “optimise independence” >Integration/support across paid, unpaid and volunteer carers >Support for self management >Flexible, responsive, innovative models of care that use telehealthcare opportunities >Integrated infrastructure to facilitate smooth “journey” through the health, social care and housing system >Recognise and support the contribution made by unpaid carers >Seek to build and support the capacity of the volunteer sector to develop and contribute to achieving an increase in “supported self-care”

6 Care Planning and Reviewing >Care plan belongs to older person or their unpaid carers >Agreed personal goals set in Care Plan >Regular, thorough reviews and revisions >Information is shared across all providers >Connect individual Care Plan to partnership performance management

7 Care at Home >Better integrated approaches >Focus on anticipatory and preventative care >Better crisis care >Better / more complex care at home >Support for unpaid carers >Grow and support volunteers >Focus on re-ablement approaches >Integration and expansion of telehealthcare >Importance of good assessment (Talking Points) >Learning and sharing network being created >Programme of “master-classes” in home care redesign to re- ablement being prepared.

8 What do we need to know >Time, contact, intervals (hours at start of involvement, and at end) – what is best indicator (England has changed) >Enablement/rehabilitation – no's >Maintenance >Age range >Care group – MH,LD,PD,ABI, SI, dementia, etc >IoRN Category/eligibility category >Long term Condition rather than disability >Self Directed Support >Direct Payments

9 Process >Anticipatory >SPARRA >Support (housing, independent living) >Discharge information >Personal care >Domestic care >Housing support >Palliative care

10 Workforce >Total >Fulltime equivalent >Temporary >Training levels >Turnover

11 Outcomes >Talking Points >Reviews >Goal Plans or similar >Service stopped/continued

12 Costs/Charging >Income >Levels >Self Directed Support

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