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Study Skills. Test Preparation begins before the actual day of the examination.

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1 Study Skills

2 Test Preparation begins before the actual day of the examination

3 Have a smart semester Studying for your first test begins on the first day of class Keep an organized binder, orderly notes Do all assignments, reading, and review throughout the semester Make a schedule Plan to study every day at least 20 minutes per subject each day Increase study time as the test day draws near Find out what to study Copy down what each teacher tell you is important for the exam Pay attention to study or review sheets or notes provided by your teacher

4 How to handle test anxiety The more you have prepared the less you should feel anxious Tell yourself you will do well (have a positive attitude) Engage in positive self-talk Preparing for the day of the test Get a good night's sleep Eat breakfast or lunch Come prepared Review only Relax

5 What to do on the day of the examination

6 Multiple choice Answer before you look at the answers Read all the answers Choose the best answer make an educated guess Look for words that change the meaning of the question (not, un-) True/False Must be entirely true or the answer is false Look for words such as all, always, never, only, none,... Do not leave blank, 50% chance of getting it correct is better than 0% Matching Read the directions read longer and scan shorter answers answer the ones you are sure of first if you have two left and you have no clue, put the same answer in both Fill in the blank use short clear answers make sure of your grammar Essay turn question into thesis statement brainstorm, organize thoughts, outline, do not write the whole essay as a draft

7 Use the right tools Flash cards small chunks of information portable as you look for the info to put on your cards you are familiarizing yourself with the material Memory devices repetition acronyms Visual aids timelines, sketches, maps, diagrams, charts, graphs Summaries Create summaries of information, in your own words Practice test questions make up your own questions and answer them Study groups 2 -3 serious students divide the material create questions schedule time to meet set time limits

8 What not to do Never take a test while you are hungry Never take a test tired Never cheat When you get the test Read through the whole test once Read all directions Make a quick plan Pace yourself Answer what you know first Before you hand in your test Check you work Double check, re-read Clean it up Clean up stray marks Stay for the entire time Sit and relax Don't rush to leave

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