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2 Test Taking Strategies %20Strategies.ppt, modified by Rebecca Oberg

3 CONCENTRATION  Do you daydream while you study?  Does your mind tend to wander off?  Do you think of things totally unrelated to the subject?  Do you worry often?

4 Concentration What can you do?  PUSH - PUSH  P repare and Organize!  U se syllabi & study guide.  S tudy difficult subjects first!  H ave a dedicated study space.  P hone – turn it off!  U se SQ3R method.  S tudy subjects at peak times.  H ave a worry pad handy and write down stray thoughts.

5 What to do now?  Pay close attention to everything in class.  Take detailed notes -even if you don’t understand!  During review sessions, check for clarification.  Draw pictures and symbols for recall.  Plan to review with a study buddy.  Rewrite notes in your own words.  Write down questions – go to the source!  Get answers today! E-mail instructors.  Find a tutor.

6 I am Already Behind What Else Can I Do?  Double your efforts – Unplug the T.V.!  Answer only important emails!  Budget Time - Study & Exercise!  Carry Flashcards with you & review often!  Put a “Do Not Disturb”sign on your door/desk!  Turn phone off & voicemail on!  Prioritize time you have now in a planner!  Keep review and study time appointments!

7 CRAM with a PLAN  Focus on thesyllabus and study guide.  Condense important information.  Use post it-notes/flash cars/study list.  Recite, recite and recite, out loud.  Sleep 8 hrs. the day before exam.  Eat a light meal – no caffeine!  Preview - the day of the test.  Prioritize study time on Daily Planner – use colors, symbols, etc.  Cancel non-essential appointments.

8 Essays and Subjective Exams Make a rough outline – list main thoughts. Organize paragraphs based on information. Select topic sentence headings. Write a draft answer and then refine it. Double space your answers. Write clear – print answers if necessary. Read your answers carefully and refine.

9 MEMORY STRATEGIES  Organize – List facts in chronological order use colors and numbers.  Learn Actively – Don’t sit - move around and form a mental picture.  Draw diagrams, charts, cartoons, all pictures are a memory enhancer.

10 MEMORY STRATEGIES  Stay Healthy – studies show proper diet & exercise can increase memory by 20%.  Recite – reciting is THREE times more effective than reading.  Reviewing – notes the same day increases your chances of recalling by over 70%.

11 What To Do Before an Exam  Talk with successful, calm, and confident friends.  Get adequate sleep – the day before the exam.  Don’t Cram – review and condense notes.  Review other exams – check if they are on file.  Review all quizzes – this is essential.  Make up practice test – based on notes.  Prepare, Relax, and Think Positive!

12 Studying For Exams  Use the F-O-C-U-S method, make it a habit!  F ocus focus on the syllabus and study guide.  O pen open your text and your notes daily and become familiar with the content.  C ondense condense notes to form study sheets.  U nderstand review material you are unsure of.  S tudy – study in a quiet place, with a partner, in a group, and quiz one another.

13 What To Do During the Exam  Arrive Early – sit where you feel comfortable.  Bring Bottled Water – a huge advantage!  Read Questions and Directions Carefully!  Practice breathing and exercises.  Preview exam - divide & conquer!  Prioritize time you have now in writing!  Answer multiple choice before essays.  Skip difficult questions – save them for last!  Allow a few minutes to review answers.

14 * Intelligent Guessing  True/False – if you’re unsure select -True  Multiple Choice – Eliminate extreme answers with words such as always, never, all, none, etc.  In-between answers with words such as often, seldom, probably, are usually a good choice.  If you see a strange answer that seems out of place it’s probably not the right choice.  If two answers are completely opposite - usually one is correct.  If a part of a statement is false the whole answer is false. *Follow rules only if you are unsure of the answer!

15 After The Exam * Relax – Knowing you have done your best!  Review your all of your answers.  Clarify answers with instructor.  Have incorrect answers explained in detail.  Talk with the instructor about incorrect answers “The difference between average and outstanding is less than you can imagine.”

16 Super Success Strategies  Ask questions – get answers the same day!  E-mail – the instructor, classmate, etc.  Recite your notes daily – take frequent breaks!  Use index cards, post notes, and color pens.  Recite out loud - walk around the room.  Limit TV and Internet games to 30 min.

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