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NARFE Washington State Federation of Chapters What does it do for us?

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1 NARFE Washington State Federation of Chapters What does it do for us?

2 WSFC Represents federal retirees/employees within the state. Provides a unified voice in Olympia when dealing with the governor and the Legislature Promotes the objectives of NARFE throughout Washington. –WSFC speaks for all Washington members on National NARFE policy issues.

3 WSFC Facilitates effective group action to accomplish common objectives. Trains local NARFE chapter officers, committee chairs and area coordinators. Communicates with current and potential members, federal agencies and employees, Washington Congress members and Senators, and the public- at-large about issues of concern to federal retirees/employees.

4 WSFC Mobilizes volunteer resources existing in chapters in ongoing support of causes vital to NARFE members, such as Alzheimer’s research. Advises chapters on effective ways of carrying out various functions such as membership, services, and public relations.

5 WSFC Serves as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas among members about programs/actions of benefit to federal retirees/employees through a variety of means and forums, such as: –Conventions –Workshops –NARFENet –Federal Reporter

6 WSFC Provides financial assistance to: –Offset some membership recruitment and retention expenses when members submit action plans. –Offset some public relations expenses when chapters submit action plans. –Offset financial expenses for up to two members per chapter to attend the bi-annual Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. –Reimburse chapter service centers for volunteers’ mileage and office expenses. –Reimburse federation officers and committee chairmen mileage and expenses.

7 WSFC Funds: –Membership incentive programs such as rebates for recruiting spouses, signup for dues withholding or life membership. –Membership recruitment and retention awards for individuals and chapters. –Chapter Newsletter awards

8 WSFC Publishes a quarterly newsletter, distributed to all federation and chapter officers and committee chairs listed in Federation directories. Maintains a Federation website which includes meeting and contact information for all chapters, and provides other valuable links and information.

9 WSFC Provides training at conventions and district workshops. Conducts annual convention forum and leadership training. Conducts annual district workshops. information and training.

10 WSFC Schedules FEHB Program Health Fairs throughout Washington State. Provides display and exhibit resources. Prepares and distributes statewide news releases.

11 WSFC Maintains current information on chapter, district and federation officers. Insures that chapters receive the proper forms and information needed for Develops and maintains a Federation budget and manages financial actions.

12 WSFC YOUR Washington State Federation of Chapters

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