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Учитель английского языка Мехмонова Марина Анатольевна.

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1 Учитель английского языка Мехмонова Марина Анатольевна


3 One, two, three, four, five, I am flying in the sky. I am a toy airplane, My name starts with “A”!

4 Пчёлка, пчёлка пожужжи! По-английски пчёлка – bee (би). Bear

5 C is for cat. I am the CAT My name is Pussy, Pussy cat. I like to eat the kitty- cat. crocodile

6 I am the Dog My name is Jack. My coat is white. My nose is black dog

7 Little yellow B ee,B ee,B ee ! How many flowers can you s ee ? Elephant

8 Что ты рыбка все молчишь? По-английски рыбка – fish (фиш). fish Frog Fox

9 I am a girl. I’ve got a doll. Her name is May! We like to play girl Goat

10 Little mouse, little mouse! Where is your house ? I am a poor mouse, I have no house. Horse house

11 I is for ice I is for inn And I is for my best ice-cream.

12 Быстроногий ягуар по-английски – jaguar (джегуа). J is for jinny, J is for jug J is for jumping Up, up, up! jaguar

13 The king is strong. The king is brave. What is his name? He is Nic k Grey! Kangaroo

14 Кто царь зверей? Мы знаем! Лев – по- английски - lion

15 Little mice, little mice ! Would you like a piece of ice? We would like a piece of cheese. Yes, please! Monkey

16 How much is one plus one? Two big nuts for little son.

17 O is for orange As round as a ball O is for OWL – the cleverest of all! orange OWL

18 I have got a pet. My pet is a pig. His name is Pick. He is not big. pig Parrot

19 Q is for quack, Q is for Queen. Her name is Mary, She dance and sing. Queen

20 One, two, three! Nice red roses You can see! red roses red Rabbit

21 Oh! Sam ! Come and see ! A big snake is in the tree. snake Sheep

22 Полосатенькая майка У нашего тигренка a tiger.

23 U is for UFO, U is for up U is for uncle, And U is for us ! UFO Umbrella

24 I can dance. I can sing I can play the violin! VIOLETS violin

25 Tim is slim. Tim is tall. He can sit on the wall. Water Wolf

26 I see two funny foxes With two small boxes. XYLOPHONE X-mas

27 Fly, fly in the sky! My nice and funny little kite! Yacht

28 We go, we go, we go to the ZOO ! We can see a tiger and a ZEBRA, too. ZEBRA


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