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Primer. All the students are in the bus. I am feeling sick.

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1 Primer

2 All the students are in the bus.

3 I am feeling sick.

4 They are jumping.

5 Mum is knocking at the door.

6 The snake ate a mouse for dinner.

7 We must be quiet in the classroom

8 I dont like the big black cat.

9 The brown monkey has a long brown tail.

10 The giraffe is tall but the lion is short.

11 The good dog came to me for the bone.

12 Did you spill the milk?

13 Do you like to skate?

14 You must eat fruit and vegetables.

15 Jacky has four pet rabbits.

16 Lilly is going to get some water.

17 Ice-cream always tastes so good.

18 Molly and Mary each have a kitten.

19 He has many baseball caps.

20 The dog goes into the kennel to sleep.

21 I like Gigi so I gave her a chocolate.

22 You must brush your teeth before you sleep.

23 I got a pair of new shoes for Chinese New Year.

24 No, children should not play with fireworks.

25 Now it is time for you to sleep.

26 The scared dog is sitting on the roof.

27 Our grandparents are always kind and happy.

28 The naughty dog ran out with the bone.

29 Please may we have hamburgers and fries?

30 We have pretty flowers in the garden.

31 The boys ran when they saw the tiger.

32 I ride my pony on Sundays.

33 We all saw the dolphin jump out of the water.

34 We always say thank you to our teacher.

35 She is kind because she helps people.

36 Tracy is tired so she is sleeping.

37 Soon it will be time to go home.

38 That parrot loves to talk and sing.

39 There is a ball under the red umbrella.

40 They are going to school.

41 This is my pink bedroom.

42 I too can ride a bicycle like you.

43 The lady is sitting under the umbrella.

44 I want a bike for Christmas.

45 Santa was at the beach on Sunday.

46 James was not feeling very well.

47 Jack and Jill went up the hill to get some water.

48 What is in the big box?

49 Mary had a little white lamb.

50 Who took the dog for a walk?

51 Will someone please catch the bee?

52 I went for a walk with my little brother.

53 Yes, I love chocolate cake.

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