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HALLOWEEN Characters Games. Let’slearn.Let’slearn.

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1 HALLOWEEN Characters Games

2 Let’slearn.Let’slearn.


4 Yourturn.Yourturn.









13 Draw, colour, cut and hang halloween characters around your classroom.

14 Let’s play Spider Relay.

15 Jack-’o-lantern puzzle Jack-’o-lantern puzzle Dress’N’Colour

16 Credits: Thinkstock images

17 Slide 1: Ask sts what they can see on the slide; Expect them to come up with the words ‘house’, ‘bats’, ‘halloween’. In case they don’t, click to reveal the word ‘halloween’. Note that, some sts might not have heard of this holiday before. Therefore, use L1 to explain them what it is all about. Find the menu of activities on the first page. Select an activity by clicking on the jack-‘o-lantern icons. Characters Slides 2: Tell sts they are going to learn about some Halloween characters; click to move on to the next slide; Slide 3: Click to show the first character (a jack-‘o-lanter); ask for group repetition twice; click to move on to the next character; repeat this procedure until the eight of them can be seen on the slide; At this point, exploit the slide by asking questions such as ‘What colour is the ghost?’, ‘What coulour is the jack-‘o-lantern?’, What colour is the witch’s hat?’, ‘Who’s wearing a red cape? (Make gesture to make it clearer to sts)’ etc; click to move on to the next slide; Key: a jack-‘o-lantern, a ghost, a spider, a witch, a black cat, Frankenstein’s monster, a werewolf, vampire

18 Slide 4-7: Pictures will appear on every slide; Make sure to exploit the pictures asking question such as ‘What is happening in this picture?’, ‘What are they doing?’, ‘Where are they?’, ‘What are these?’, ‘Why are they doing that?’, ‘Is it ok to do that?’, ‘How can you get those’? etc; After exploiting the picture, click again to reveal the answer; Slide 8: Pair up sts and give them 2’ to ask/answer the questions to one another; Then, get some ideas from the WG. Monitor for fluency/accuracy. Give feedback on their performance. Slide 9: Divide sts into trios and give them 3’ to ask/answer the questions on the slide; then, collect some feedback from sts. Monitor for fluency/accuracy. Give feedback on their performance.

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