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Procurement Forum August 2014.

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1 Procurement Forum August 2014


3 Agenda Introduction: Camber Thompson, Administrator, Office of State Procurement Disaster Management Carol Walton, ADEM Operations Branch Manager Disaster Relief Procurements Marnie Davidson, DFA – OAS Manager Emergency Restoration Statewide Contract Paul Coulter, Buyer OSP

4 Camber Thompson Administrator, Office of State Procurement

5 When Disaster Strikes: SEOC Process, Resource Request Flow, & Procurement

6 Emergency Support Functions (ESF)
ESF 1 - Transportation ESF 2 - Communications ESF 3 - Public Works & Engineering ESF 4 - Firefighting ESF 5 - Emergency Management ESF 6 – Mass Care, Housing & Human Services ESF 7 – Resource Support (Logistics)

7 Emergency Support Functions (ESF)
ESF 8 – Public Health & Medical Services ESF 9 – (Urban) Search & Rescue ESF 10 – Oil & Hazardous Materials ESF 11 – Agriculture & Natural Resources ESF 12 - Energy ESF 13 – Public Safety & Security ESF 14 – Long-Term Community Recovery & Mitigation ESF 15 – External Affairs

8 Information Technology Public Information Officer
SEOC Structure SEOC Team Chief Operations Event Manager ESF Area Field Support Duty Officers Planning Situation Assessment Proclamation Support GIS Plan of Action Logistics Services Branch Telecomms Information Technology Maintenance Support Branch Resources SEOC Logistics Finance & Admin Team Chief Assistant SEOC Liaison Public Information Officer Telephone Support

9 Incident/Event Distinctions
Event (date Tornado Impact) Tornado Impact Incident Pulaski Co Saline Co White Co State Log

10 Information Flow to the SEOC
Roadways Closed Human Impact Damages Event Manager - Team Chief - Team Chief Assistant - ESF

11 Exhausted Resources: What next?
Local Jurisdictions use local resources Local Jurisdictions use Intrastate Mutual Aid Local Jurisdictions contact the SEOC State Agencies use state resources State Agencies contact the SEOC Supporting States and Federal resources are requested

12 Day to Day Vs. Disaster Day to day procurement remains the same
Disaster needs procurement flows through the SEOC Few exceptions: Items which we cannot purchase… Benefits Resource supply lists Reimbursement / Documentation

13 Event Manager, ESF, TC, TCA
Resource Requests Event Manager, ESF, TC, TCA Resources ESF’s

14 Resource Request Process Flow
Locals, ESF’s. or State Agencies Request Resources Request is entered in Reporting System ESF #5 Resources reviews and assigns the RFA to ESFs ESF fills the request and updates message in WebEOC If the ESF does not have the capability to fill the request in its entirety they can work with other ESFs or assign it back to ESF #5 Resources for redistribution.

15 When We Don’t Have it…. Federal Surplus Properties
ESF 7 – Resource Support (Logistics) Support Agencies Federal Surplus Properties AR Building Authority Marketing & Redistribution (part of the Office of State Procurement, AR DFA)

16 Questions? Carol Walton Scott Bass

17 Disaster Relief Procurements
Marnie Davidson Purchasing Manager Disaster Relief Services

18 SP-14-0087 - Emergency Restoration Service
Non-mandatory Qualified Vendors List (QVL) Issued by the Office of State Procurement (OSP) Created with the Arkansas Insurance Department (AID) For any State agencies, public schools, political subdivisions and higher education (e.g., State colleges, State universities)

19 QUALIFIED VENDOR LIST The intent of this QVL is to mitigate the damage to State properties in the event of an unexpected loss and/or damage by shortening the time required to contract with vendors to obtain services.

20 Examples Water intrusion and water damage Mold remediation
The QVL will provide for the immediate and initial response to emergency situations including: Water intrusion and water damage Mold remediation Earth movement Wind damage Debris removal Hail damage Fire damage Smoke damage Hazardous Waste Site Biohazard cleanup Sewage decontamination

21 Examples Vandalism cleanup and board up Crime scene cleanup
Removal and restoration of historical artifacts Document reclamation HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) compliance Handling, retrieving, removal, and restoration of vital records (i.e., paper, photo, database, magnetic tape). Emergency repair to buildings Animal infestations Soft content removal Hard content removal Electronic equipment restoration

22 Agency’s Instructions
I have an emergency, what do I do first? ALWAYS Contact Risk Management to notify them of the situation and/or emergency

23 Agency’s Instructions
Agency Contact: Risk Management Division Agency Phone: Agency Fax: Agency

24 Emergency Procurement
Pursuant to the State of Arkansas Procurement Laws and Rules, R1: (b), an agency must obtain advance approval by the State Procurement Director of OSP, the head of a procurement agency, or a designee. Where time or circumstance does not permit prior approval, approval must be obtained at the earliest practical date.

25 Agency’s Instructions
The Agency should use the non-mandatory State’s QVL to contact and provide information needed to deploy the initial and immediate restoration efforts.

26 Always contact Risk Management FIRST at 501-371-2690
Company Office Phone Cell Phone All-Clean USA Restoration Toll Free Belfor Property Restoration Metro Disaster Specialists Servpro Commercial

27 This QVL is for the immediate and initial restoration event!
Depending on the extent of damage, there may be other Agencies involved after the emergency is naturalized, prior to moving forward with the restoration project.

28 Thank You Submit forum topic suggestions to:
Don’t forget to sign in. Join us for the next Forum

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