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FirstLink Project Update IT Commission Meeting Columbia Basin CC 04-10-14.

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1 FirstLink Project Update IT Commission Meeting Columbia Basin CC 04-10-14

2 What’s happening now? Business Process Change Analysis Data Cleanup, Conversion, and FirstLink Data Validation System Configuration System Integration and User Acceptance Testing Lean – Action Items Supporting Systems Analysis Data Management Advisory Committee PeopleSoft Gateway and Web Integration Training Schedule OCM Activities

3 Dbase Reporting Technical Training Printing Room Scheduling – 25Live from CollegeNet Security Demo Site - Sandbox Evergreen ID Card System Operating Systems and Desktop Configs for Peoplesoft: – – (Click on the folder titled “Operating Systems & Desktop Info” ) IT Related Tasks and Opportunities

4 ctcLink Database and Reporting Environment (Original Design)

5 ctcLink Database and Reporting Environment (draft current design)

6 FirstLink: Tips, Tricks and Traps: Establish your college project team and roles early. Data Conversion – – Maintain communication flow between SMEs and SBCTC Be organized – – Coordinating communications, files and reference material Dean and Administrative Assistants – – Involve them – They are rock starts Communications – – Make sure faculty/staff are signed up for the ctcLink blog, listservs, Office 365 site. Recommend a local SharePoint sitectcLink blogOffice 365 site Office 365 Site: Lots of reference material – Refer to Data Conversion Calendar, Flow Diagram and Process by Cycle – Commission, workshop and presentation material ctcLink Focus & Lean Sessions: See PPTs & Recordings on Office 365 site: Review Foundation and Configuration Documents

7 FirstLink: Tips, Tricks and Traps cont’d: Some typical data conversion and configuration topics: – CAMPUS SOLUTIONS: Bio-Demo cleanup, onboarding and offboarding, grading schemes, fixed assets, room information, continuing ed, running start, prerequisites, transcripts, degree and certificate info, footnotes, early alert, test scores, UATs to Student groups, waitlists, course approval workflow – FINANCE: Vendor cleanup, PO conversion, dept. chartfield, GL, Budget development, AP config, student fee code, grants & contracts, Dept crosswalks, e-procurement, 1099, fee codes, student acct migration, Tuition fee pay status, journal entry, web credit card, Faid SAP, workstudy type, tracking codes, – HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Bio Demo, leave & OT, pay scale range, faculty contracts, faculty workload, NeoGov vs TAM, comp time rules, performance mgmt, time and leave, fiscal balances Readiness Assessment: Top Priorities: – Admit Students – Register Students – Award Financial Aid – Disburse Financial Aid – Process Payroll – Purchasing

8 Challenges and Risks Data Conversion - Migration from Legacy to PeopleSoft Finance Application - New chart of accounts, GL, Student Financials (core to integration with all PeopleSoft modules) Database Access - New tools and database structure Reporting - New sources of information and tools User Acceptance Testing – Scheduled for June Time Compression - Organization change management, new business processes Security - Creating new roles and permissions Training - Over 100 training courses to be delivered in July & August for faculty, staff and students

9 College Trail Blazers Dick Hol & Andy Duckworth ctcLink Project Managers The Real Rock Stars The SBCTC and Ciber project team And our Subject Matter Experts

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