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Efficiency Improvement Programme Survive, Re-Grow & Thrive! Peer-Led Challenge.

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1 Efficiency Improvement Programme Survive, Re-Grow & Thrive! Peer-Led Challenge

2 It is December 2010 in a meeting room at the offices of Warnedowne District Council (a little-known District in the East of England!). The Performance Improvement Manager for the Cultural Services Directorate – Marti Nallison – is enthused about the opportunity for the Directorate to participate in the Culture First Efficiency Improvement programme. He just needs to convince the Director of Cultural Services – Kevin Hess – and the rest of the management team! He has arranged a meeting with Kevin and the rest of the Cultural Services Management Team to discuss the concept. Unfortunately only the Head of Museums & Archives – Jana Wahl - is able to attend… ….the rest are busy…some don’t like the sound of it at all!

3 The Culture First Efficiency Improvement Programme Phase 1: Develop understanding & commitment Phase 2: Conduct Self Assessment against the Efficiency Theme Phase 3 Plan and implement the improvements IDeA Validation Monitor & review improvement projects Cashable & non-cashable efficiency & value for money gains Joint efficiency improvement projects Future value-adding collaborations Sharing knowledge and practices Mutual support & challenge of improvement planning Peer-Led Challenge

4 December 2010: Marti & Kevin brief the Cultural Services management team on the Culture First Efficiency Improvement Programme January 2011: Marti leads the Warnedowne Cultural Services Efficiency Self-Assessment … and now … The Culture First Peer-Led Challenge workshop takes place ….the Warnedowne team is ready to be the guinea pig for the trainee peers …. ….be good to them! Welcome to the… Culture First ‘Peer-Led Challenge’ workshop Survive, Re-Grow & Thrive…Together!

5 Peer-Led Challenge Workshop Goals Peer-Led Challenge…understanding & skills The Efficiency Benchmark … expertise! Efficiency Improvement Programme…clarity & goals Excellence & continuous improvement … enhanced insight

6 Peer-Led Challenge…? Review & challenge of the Self Assessment findings (i.e. strengths, areas for improvement and ratings), conducted by a peer, from within the local improvement network To… Ensure accurate and incisive Self-Assessment findings Improve future Self-Assessments Develop partnership working, especially in relation to sharing work practices provide a learning opportunity for the peer Give confidence to internal and external partners Open doors to future collaboration.

7 Gathering facts & information through: One-to-one discussions Focus groups Review of documents Analysing this information in relation to CSIT Criteria Comparing this with the Self-Assessment Presenting the results to the organisation constructively Helping the organisation to identify key strengths & areas for improvement. Achieved through...

8 Giving advice or consultancy Criticism “Because we do it better!” An audit, inspection or assessment Staff performance review A trophy hunt A paper-chase Negative or a ‘threat’. This is not…

9 ….show us your procedures!! Peer-Led Challenge…? X

10 External Inspection Certification Assessment Peer-Led Challenge Self Assessment Validation Critical friend for Self-Assessment Workshops External View and ‘Control’ Support for self-driven improvement Peer Review External challenge tools…a comparison

11 To enhance your peer’s Self-Assessment use your findings to consider….  Does the organisation have approaches which meet the CSIT Criteria and Key Features? Are these approaches…  Well planned based on the needs of the stakeholders?  Linked to strategy?  Supported by clearly defined processes?  Implemented as planned in a systematic way?  Reviewed (for effectiveness & efficiency) and improved? Is there evidence that these approaches have positive impact on stakeholders?

12 The Peer-Led Challenge challenge…? Can we…  Achieve robust challenge  Which is accepted & valued by the organisation Whilst…  Developing and maintaining a relationship, which will lead to joint working?

13 The Peer-Led Challenge Process Planning Analysing the findings Providing feedback and reporting Detailed preparation Conducting the Peer-Led Challenge Understand the goal & sharpen your intent

14 Planning Understand the goal & sharpen your intent The Peer-Led Challenge Process Analysing the findings Providing feedback and reporting Detailed preparation Conducting the Peer-Led Challenge

15 The Culture & Sport Improvement Benchmark …? Sustained positive results for: Community Customers Staff Wider society Continuous improvement in the way the organisation works (i.e. the factors which affect the results) Theme 1: Leadership & Corporate Governance Theme 2: Policy and Strategy Theme 3: Community Engagement Theme 6: People Management Theme 4: Partnership Working Theme 5: Resource Management Theme 7: Customer Service Theme 8: Measurement, Achievement and Learning Theme 9: Efficiency

16 Peer-Support...?

17 Peer-Supported Improvement...?


19 What is wrong with the following feedback statements? The targets in the Service Plan are not achievable Supervisors should inspect work more often Managers do not listen to the opinions of staff The Strategy document should include a review of the external environment The photocopied publicity leaflets are very unprofessional The organisation should use a formal coaching and / or mentoring system The hair in the drains is more than just one day’s baldness!

20 Peer-Supported Improvement – the Value…? Improved collective working behaviour Improved partnership working Personal development and learning Improved positioning Recognition and confidence.

21 leading to… Improved customer & staff satisfaction Improved economy and value for money Improved outcomes for the community A more sustainable service.

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