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Metal Grinding.

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1 Metal Grinding

2 Terminology

3 Grinding Wheels A grinding wheel is an expendable wheel that is composed of an abrasive compound used for various grinding and abrasive machining operations.

4 Grinding Wheels Many different styles available
Choose correct type & grit of wheel Replace once when wheel reaches ½ of its original diameter.


6 Wheel Identification Size: Grit : How aggressive the wheel will grind
10” x 1.5” x 1.25” Wheel Diameter x thickness x arbor size Grit : How aggressive the wheel will grind Higher Grit = Smoother Wheel RPM : How fast the wheel can spin safely Use wheels that meet or exceed the grinder RPM rating! Color: Grey & Brown – workhorse grits, mild steels Pink & White – harder steels that require cool grinding surface Ruby Red – Tool steels and sharpening

7 COURSE GRIT WHEELS Deeper cuts More aggressive 0-24

8 FINE GRIT WHEELS Sharpening Finishing Less aggressive cuts grit

9 WIRE WHEELS Watch out for flying wires! Removes rust & paint
Rough Polishing

10 Polishing & Buffing 150 grit and higher Cotton

11 Dressing a Grinding Wheel
Adjust tool rest to proper gap for dressing Turn on grinder Hook dressing tool on tool rest Put light pressure on wheel while moving back and forth Continue until wheel is smooth Readjust tool rest to 1/16” LINK

12 Don’t grind soft metals!
Aluminum, copper, brass, etc. The metal is too soft The heats up and melts into the grain It will need to be dressed

13 Safety Rules: Adjust tool rest to 1/16” MAX from wheel

14 NEVER GRIND ON THE SIDE! The sides are not trued during manufacturing
They are not even The sides are not trued during manufacturing Not designed to handle heavy loads. May shatter leading to a very nasty result.

15 Safety Rules PPE – Glasses, shield, dust mask, ears
NEVER wear gloves! Hold the piece with a locking pliers if it gets hot. Stand to the side during startup Inspect wheel Re-Dress uneven or loaded wheels Wear a mask Keep rest 1/16” from wheel

16 Safety Rules: Hold work by hand or with a clamp or vice grip
Do not adjust or repair while grinder is running DO NOT FORCE IT! Keep your work piece on the tool rest at ALL times

17 Portable Disc Grinder Angle Grinder Hand Grinder

18 Types of Discs 1. Grinding wheel Weld preparation
Removing slag/unwanted welds 2. Fiber Cut-off Wheel Metal cutting Use at a 90 degree angle only 3. Flap Disc / Sanding Disc Metal finishing 4. Cup brush Used for removal of paint Weld cleanup Hold with EXTRA force!

19 Standard Discs Used for grinding, de-scaling, polishing, blending, and finishing. Semi-flexible backing Fits curved & rough surfaces Leaves a smooth & swirl-free finish.

20 Raised Hub / Type 27 Hub is raised in the center 1/8” thick ¼” thick
Light Grinding Cutting off Notching ¼” thick Heavy duty grinding only

21 Saucer Shaped / Type 28 Identified by saucer shape.
Easier to use than raised-hub discs Designed to be held at shallow angles

22 Changing the Discs UNPLUG IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Engage the spindle lock
Use the correct size wrench Wear gloves and remove wheel Snug new wheel with arbor wrench!

23 Can be a workout Using the portable disc grinder is hard work
Rest frequently to avoid fatigue

24 Fighting Fatigue – Handle Attachment
Reduces stress on hands and arms Necessary for deep cuts Makes it easier for disc change-over

25 Fighting Fatigue- Speed Lock
Locks the grinder into full speed (Cruise-Control) Convenient for heavy grinding Several styles All are located on the power switch

26 Safety Rules PPE: Eye protection, long sleeve leather gloves
face shield is recommended Use correct wheel for the application Check condition of wheel before each use Replace once wheel is half gone Do not remove the wheel guards Secure your work piece Shoot your sparks in a safe direction LET THE GRINDER DO THE WORK Never set it down on while the disc is spinning

27 Pneumatic Grinders Use compressed air instead of electricity
Better for extended grinding applications Need a good air-compressor to keep up Same attachments available as electric

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