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Drill Press and Hand Drills Team 2165 Docu-Mentor-y September 15, 2008.

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1 Drill Press and Hand Drills Team 2165 Docu-Mentor-y September 15, 2008

2 What’s a Drill Press? Electrically driven tool for SAFELY making accurately positioned holes for –Taps –Clearance –Fasteners –Light-Weighting –Etc.


4 “To Do” When Drilling Wear appropriate safety glasses. Start/stop button within easy reach of the operator. Use a vacuum, brush or rake to remove cuttings. Remove burrs and chips from a drilled hole. When making deep holes, clean out the hole frequently. Use a clamp or drill vise to prevent work from spinning. Lubricate drill bit when drilling metal. Reduce the drilling pressure when the drill begins to break through the workpiece. This prevents drill from pulling into the work. Keep drill bits clean and sharp. Keep floor around the drill press free of oil and grease. Keep the working surface clean of scraps, tools and materials. Keep guards in place and in good working order.

5 “Don’t” List Do not wear loose clothing or ties. Roll sleeves above the elbow to prevent them from being caught in revolving parts. Confine long hair. Do not wear gloves, rings, watches, or bracelets Do not set speeds, adjust, or measure work until machine is completely stopped. Do not leave chuck key in drill chuck. Make adjustments and remove key immediately. For wood - Do not hold work by hand when drilling holes larger than 12 mm (1/2 in.) in diameter. For metal – ALWAYS use a vise. Secure the vise to the drill table. Do not place hands under the stock being drilled. Do not stop rotation of chuck and spindle with your hand. Do not leave the drill press running unattended.

6 Types of Bits Drill Bits (Left to Right): –Twist drill General Purpose/Metal –Masonry bit Concrete, Brick –Lip and spur Wood, Plastics –Spade Wood


8 Hand Drills Hand DrillWear safety glasses/face shield. Keep drill air vents clear to maintain adequate ventilation. Keep drill bits sharp. Keep all cords clear of the cutting area during use. Inspect for frays or damage before each use. Disconnect power supply before changing or adjusting bit or attachments. Tighten the chuck securely. Remove chuck key before starting drill. Secure work piece being drilled to prevent movement.

9 Let’s Drill A Fastener Hole! Check the drill press speed chart for the correct combination of material, bit size, and speed Factors which determine the best speed: –Kind of material being worked (metal, acrylic, aluminum, wood, etc.) –Size of hole –Type of drill bit –Quality of cut desired Typically, the smaller the drill bit, the greater the required RPM In soft materials, the speed should be higher than for hard materials Insert drill bits about 3/4" (and at least 1/4") into the chuck and tighten securely Set the table height and tighten the table lock before using the drill To prevent rotation of the work piece, clamp the work securely to the table, either with a "C" clamp, a drill press clamp or a vise NEVER hold a metal piece by hand when drilling. Use a vise and clamp the vise to the drill table! When using paddle/spade drill bits, you should always use a hold down clamp When drilling a through hole, place the material on a scrap piece of wood. This prevents drilling into the metal table surface! Drilling into the table damages the table and ruins the drill bits When drilling into metal, a cutting lubricant should be used. Cast iron and brass/bronze should be drilled dry Return bits to drawer when you are done Clean The Area Around The Press

10 Tonight’s Assignment Hand Drill –Fasten decking to a couple of 2x4s –Mark the part for hole locations –Use a wood awl or punch to mark the hole locations –Use a deck screw and hand drill to join the parts Drill Press –Mark the center line of the metal piece –Measure for 2 clearance bolt holes: ¼” bolt (H or 17/64”) #10 bolt (#7) –Measure and punch a center to center separation of 1” –Clamp and drill the part

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