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Eight Specific Goals Permanent And Transitional Housing Shelter System

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2 Eight Specific Goals Permanent And Transitional Housing Shelter System
Prevention Services Public Safety And Outreach Education, Training And Employment Community Awareness And Coordinated Response Zoning, Urban Design And Land Use

3 Goal # 6 Education Training and Employment
To assist 600 people annually who are homeless to obtain skills and knowledge necessary to participate in the workforce Since implementation of the plan, Denver’s Road Home has assisted 2,455 homeless people in finding work.

4 Job Developer Prescilla Otero-DiPaola Employers
contact Employers Job Order *placement feedback Job Order Notification Placement Feedback Client/Job Match & Referral Nancy Rider Homeless Initiative Business Development Associate (DWD) Job Order Dist. Placement Feedback Client/Resume Referral Providers Prepare Client for Job Ready Client with Resume Provider Job Readiness Training Class DWD JRT

5 Job Readiness Does the participant have:
A valid, state issued identification card or driver’s license AND a social security card? A current resume with a contact telephone number? Appropriate interview clothing? Interviewing skills? Transportation?

6 Job Readiness Required reading & math literacy skills for the job?
Computer literacy skills? Are these necessary for the job? Basic Computer Literacy Class Microsoft Word PowerPoint Excel All of these are free of charge and on a walk-in basis at the Workforce Centers

7 Urban Peak Youth Hospitality Pilot Program
Collaborative effort with DHCC Job Developer and the Denver’s Road Home Work closely with partner hotels to identify existing open positions Hire formerly homeless youth to assist them in their transition from the streets to housing Ensure that the process is executed smoothly and necessary support and follow-up is being managed by the homeless youth provider, Urban Peak.

8 Goals Assuming the Model is successful, the project will move forward with the following goals by January 2008 A total of four Sage hotels in the downtown area will be participating in the Pilot Program. The Oxford Hotel The Residence Inn by Marriott Hyatt Regency Denver The Grand Hyatt A total of 4 youth will be employed by this Project. Of these 4 youth, three youth will be enrolled in some form of higher education to advance their skills in the hospitality industry.

9 Hope for the City, Colorado
IN partnering with the VOA Mission, HOPE worldwide is harnessing their expertise in working with the homeless in Denver The goal is to create a sustainable job training program that can help employ individuals who are homeless HOPE for the City, Colorado implemented the Basic Employment Skills Training Program (B.E.S.T.) Job training program that provides computer training to homeless “job ready” men and women Soft job skills Computer skills On-the-job training Assisting with finding a permanent job

10 Hope for the City, Colorado
Bentley Systems is a software company providing tools for the creation and management of infrastructure in Building, Civil, Geospatial and Plant Engineering design, document and data For the B.E.S.T. CAD exchange project, Bentley will provide the following: Engineering Document Management System Curriculum for Bentley to train screened candidates Provide online self-paced training with the intention of training in basic drafting Possibly provide oil, gas, and other engineering fields as work is provided by participating companies

11 Faith Based Partnership
In the first two years, faith-based organizations mentored 233 homeless families, stepping forward to provide the support that is so vital to achieving, and maintaining, success.

12 Annual Pajama Party Mayor Hickenlooper and Denver’s top business and
community leaders wore their pajamas and raised more than $110,000 for Denver’s Road Home on February 1, 2008 at the second annual Pajama Party The Pajama Party is a fun event for a very serious cause.

13 Donation Meters Denver Public Works along with Denver’s Road Home, Leadership Denver, The Downtown Denver Partnership, Rabble+Rouser and Oz Architecture refurbished and redesigned 86 parking meters Donation Meters to Benefit Denver’s Road Home With the addition of meters, they are expected to raise $100,000 annually to support the homeless in our community People in Denver give more than $4 million a year to panhandlers. These meters allow people the opportunity to redirect that money to support programs that work The Denver donation meters have received national and international media attention and have inspired other cities to contemplate their own donation meter programs

14 Summary of Accomplishments
We have accomplished the following in our first two years: 789 new units of housing have been brought online. 2,455 homeless people have been assisted in finding work. 2,003 individuals accessed treatment services and other assistance programs. 563 families received eviction assistance. 132 homeless persons entered housing through the Denver Street Outreach Collaboration. 233 families have been partnered with our faith-based mentoring teams.

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