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The SCA Mission: To build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging.

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2 The SCA Mission: To build the next generation of conservation leaders and inspire lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on- service to the land.

3 The SCA Some Facts: Since 1957, more than 40,000 have enjoyed the experience of a lifetime through SCA. Annually, SCA participants perform about 1 million hours of conservation service in national and local parks, forests, refuge areas, schools, and communities.

4 The SCA SCA Three Rivers Office: Sustainability Corps: Green Cities Corps Trail Towns Outreach Corps High School Programs: Conservation Leadership Corps Summer conservation crews and internships In-school environmental education and service-learning Workforce development programming for low income youth

5 The SCA The Green Jobs Definition: Green Jobs are employment opportunities in four industry sectors that are part of the green economy including: Green Products Renewable Energy Green Services Environmental Conservation


7 Green Cities Corps Program Summary: Assists cities in the creation and implementation of climate action plans Members are placed with key sectors working to implement climate action plan recommendations Goals: Place trained and experienced college graduates with local agencies looking to mitigate climate change Develop and/or implement policies and actions that address sustainability Provide meaningful opportunities to its’ corps members

8 2009 Green Cities Team The Pittsburgh Climate Initiative: A four sector collaboration: Municipal government Higher education Businesses Community Implements recommendations outlined in the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan Goal: 20% GHG reduction in 20 years

9 2009 Green Cities Team PCI Management: Quantify Pittsburgh’s progress towards its reduction goal Act as a resource on the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan Develop Version 2.0 Municipal Sector: Develop a green guide for City employees Increase resource conservation in City offices Work to green City structures and educate constituents

10 2009 Green Cities Team Higher Education Sector: Facilitate the Higher Education Climate Consortium Business Sector: Facilitate the Business Climate Coalition (BCC) Research best practices: successful businesses addressing climate change

11 2009 Green Cities Team Community Sector: The Black and Gold City Goes Green campaign Create green jobs in home weatherization and retrofitting Urban agriculture initiatives Tree planting and waste disposal improvement Transition to County Level: Help conduct Allegheny County’s GHG inventory Help develop a Climate Action Plan for Allegheny County


13 Community Programs Trains its members in: 1. Basic Work-Ready Competencies 2. A Conservation Ethic 3. Links to Opportunity Work-Ready Competencies: Basic reading, listening, speaking, writing, & math skills Basic job seeking and retention skills Basic life skills Basic technology skills Basic personal and social development skills

14 Community Programs Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board: Mission: To inform decision-making on regional development to ensure current and future market needs of businesses and job seekers are met. Approach: Acquire, manage, interpret, and share relevant workforce data Identify and research critical workforce issues Consult and advise on public policy with employers and employment sectors

15 Community Programs Objectives: Natural resource conservation Community conservation Cultural conservation Program Types: 1. Conservation Leadership Corps: An after-school & weekend program 2. Commuting Crew: 6-7 week summer program

16 Community Programs Program Types: 3. Special Initiatives: Winter Field Leadership Program Leadership in the Environment Advancement Program Urban Tree House Community Leadership Program Winter Work Crews Family Resources Center Phase 4

17 Green Jobs Roundtable Goal: To establish a Green Jobs Corps program that will build up Pittsburgh’s workforce and fortify its economy through Green Sector development. Partners: TRWIB, SCA, and GTech Purpose: Define green jobs Present the current state of Green Jobs in Pittsburgh Identify trends, opportunities, and needs of stakeholders Create cross-sector collaborations Categorize jobs and skills needed for a green workforce Identify gaps between job opportunities and potential employees

18 Green Jobs Advisory Board Stakeholder Groups: Youth development, education and training, advocacy, unions and employers, economic development agencies Purpose: 1. Direct sustainable job creation in SW Pennsylvania 2. Ensure social equity for marginalized population 3. Establish and maintain collaboration channels 4. Support sustainable workforce development 5. Emphasize transparency and inclusivity 6. Create bridges to connect pathways between job networks 7. Commit to environmental literacy and conservation

19 Living Cities Mission: To increase the vitality of cities and urban neighborhoods and improve the lives of people who live there Some Facts: Living Cities has invested over $543 million in 23 cities Their funding has helped build homes, stores, schools, daycare, healthcare and job- training centers, and other community assets Partners: Pittsburgh Green Innovators Pittsburgh’s Green Building Alliance The 3 Rivers Clean Energy Industry Partnership The Labor‐Management Clearinghouse Bidwell Training Center Heritage Health Foundation Inc. Growth Through Energy and Community Health (GTECH) Student Conservation Association (SCA)

20 “Let us resolve that all nations will act with seriousness of purpose, and reduce the carbon we send into our atmosphere. This is the moment to give our children back their future. ” President Barack Obama, Berlin Germany, July 24, 2008

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