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1 Volume

2 What is volume? It’s how much something can hold, or how big something is from inside. Volume is basically the length of an object multiplied by the height and width. It is the amount of space that an object occupies such as in a cube or in a test tube. One of the ways that you can measure how much of something is in one of the objects is to measure its volume.

3 What is ‘cubic’ in volume?
A volume that is made by a cube that is 1 meter on each side its symbol is m3 (it is equal to 1000 one thousand liters.) or 1 cm on each side its symbol is cm3.

4 Basic volume measurement.
Volume = length x width x height. It is how much something can hold.

5 The volume of a rectangular box is = length x width x height
AREA 6X4 =24 VOLUME = AREA X 2 VOLUME = 24 X 2 = 48


7 To calculate area of a cylinder you need to understand the properties.
A cylinder has two faces (circle) these faces are the base of the cylinder. A cylinder has one curved side. The height of the cylinder is the perpendicular (VERTICAL UPRIGHT AT RIGHT ANGLES) distance between the two bases.

8 Volume of a cylinder is given by the formula-
VOLUME = AREA OF BASE X HEIGHT V = πr2h where r = radius of cylinder and h is the height or length of cylinder. Pi is 3.14

9 Volume cylinder Surface Area of One End = π × r2
Surface Area of Side = 2 × π × r × h Volume = π × r2 × h

10 Let’s have a go at doing some tasks.
= 1 cubic cm or 1cm3 Complete volume cube worksheet. Work in pairs. When you have finished have a go at calculating volume.

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