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Welcome to Target! Hendricks Elementary August 2014.

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2 Welcome to Target! Hendricks Elementary August 2014

3 Our Mission To prepare gifted students for an ever-changing global marketplace where innovation is key and where they must be self- reflective, goal-oriented problem-seekers and solvers.

4 The ALP Program is process-driven. Our ultimate goal is for students to meet the standards. The content and activities help us reach these goals.

5 Target Progress Report Aligns with the Gifted Standards Assessed Quarterly Quarterly Review

6 Gifted Standards Cognitive Growth Affective Growth

7 Cognitive Growth Critical Thinking Convergent Thinking Algebraic Thinking Divergent Thinking Evaluative Thinking Relationships/ Connections

8 Convergent Thinking ▪ Students will reason logically using induction, deduction, and abduction. ▪ Examples: logic problems, algebraic reasoning, Hands-On Equations

9 Divergent Thinking Students will think creatively to generate innovative ideas, products, or solutions to problems. Cognitive Components of Creativity: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration Affective Components of Creativity: Risk-taking, Complexity, Curiosity, and Imagination Examples: brainstorming, transformations, creative problem solving, repurposing items

10 Evaluative Thinking Students will evaluate and solve a variety of authentic problems. Examples: 1. Ranking and evaluating the quality of ideas for problem solving (evaluative thinking process) 2. Using and creating rubrics to assess work

11 Relationships and Connections Students will make relationships and connections among various topics and disciplines. Examples: Researching real-world topics and making connections to other disciplines; reflecting on societal and/or environmental issues and developing potential solutions

12 Affective Growth Standards Communication Collaboration Self-Reflection Respect for Others Self-Directed Learner “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Bill Nye

13 Assessment Indicators (S) Successful: Consistently and independently demonstrates outcomes supporting grade-level standards and elements. (P) Progressing: Demonstrates outcomes supporting grade- level standards and elements with support. (D) Does not meet: Limited progress in demonstration of outcomes supporting grade-level standards and elements.

14 Quarterly Review ▪ A minimum of 7 out of 11 S’s and P’s indicates student is currently meeting essential requirements for continued placement. M = Meets continuation criteria for this quarter D = Does not meet continuation criteria for this quarter; probation in effect ▪ Attendance: Students must attend 65% of classes each quarter to be assessed. ▪ Comments provide descriptive feedback of your child’s performance.

15 Continuation Criteria (Annual Review) Gifted services are recommended for the following year if: student has met continuation criteria 3 out of 4 quarters * AND received a minimum of 1 “S” per standard in at least 7 out of 11 standards over the course of the academic year *

16 A Typical Target Day Algebraic Thinking Cognitive and Affective lessons Research, discussion, simulation, experimentation, problem-based learning Technology integration Independent and collaborative

17 Expectations RESPECT for everyone BRAVERY: willingness to take risks EFFORT: always doing one’s best POSITIVE ATTITUDE at all times RESPONSIBILITY for materials and homework

18 Prevailing Practices Gifted students are not expected to make up missed regular classroom work or homework on Target days. When students are absent on their Target day, it is their responsibility to get and complete missed work before their next Target day.

19 Any Questions?

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