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2 Guiding Beliefs We believe… All children can achieve. Education is key to a successful life. Educators must set high expectations for themselves and for every individual in the school community. Education requires respect for one another, the community, and ourselves. Education requires a commitment to life-long learning. Excellence requires hard work, diligent effort, and responsibility. Education is a partnership among home, school, and community. Communication is a cornerstone to fulfilling our vision.

3 Our Goal To ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and are prepared to be contributing citizens in our global society.

4 Our Commitments to Our Students Provide all students with a student centered learning environment. Opportunities to infuse current technology into the learning environment. Provide a rigorous, academic learning environment for all students. Provide all students with high quality and supportive faculty and staff.

5 Programming Objectives/Priorities Curriculum To maintain our focus on instruction and quality. Continue curricular alignment with the Common Core. To provide and increase quality enrichment experiences for all students. (before and after school hours) Technology Integration of technology – Pre K  12. Provide the students of Wareham with the technology skills they will need to successfully compete in a global society. Personnel High quality instruction.

6 District Initiatives for FY15 8th grade dual enrollment with the High School STEAM Academy – Grade 7 College/High School dual enrollment Re-structure Technology Department Provide and Support Enrichment Activities

7 FY15 Budget Overview Principals and Directors prepare budgets Contract costs, salaries and utilities estimated by Business Office FY15 Level Service Budget Superintendent Budget Advisory Committee Principals and Directors review as a group Directors / Principals submit proposals to reduce budget FY15 Reduced Budget Meeting with Town Selectmen / Fin Com

8 Level Service Budget To deliver the same level of services as in FY14, equals a budget of $ 28,469,721 or a 5.9% increase from FY14. A level service budget means an increase in the budget due to: Salaries Contract Services Special Education / Out of District costs. Supplies and materials

9 FY15 Reduced Budget Proposed reductions: 16 staff members, equivalent to 13.08 FTE positions, equals an estimated savings of $662,038. Reduction of $103,209 in supplies and materials (all areas from all schools and central office). Combined reductions project a FY 15 budget of $27,704,474 or 3% increase from FY2014.

10 FY15 Reduced Budget Proposed Reductions: Measure SavingStaff Reductions Savings on supplies and materials from all areas $(103,209) Reconfigure Elementary Schools – staffing and supplies savings $(324,032) 7 positions / 5.75 FTE Reorganization of Special Education – reduce staffing costs and contracted $(300,218) 6 positions / 6 FTE Further Staff Reductions $(37,788) 3 Positions / 1.33 FTE TOTAL $($765,247) 16 Positions / 13.08 FTE

11 Re-Configuration of Elementary Schools Close East Wareham Early Childcare Center. Reconfigure Decas Elementary School to serve Grades 2,3 & 4.  Reconfigure Minot Elementary School to serve Pre-School to Grade 1. Changes result in savings estimated at $324,000 (salary, maintenance heating, etc.) Staff reduction of 7 positions, 5.75FTE.

12 Special Education Adjustments Review caseloads of Special Education Staff. Expand the continuum of services at the secondary level. Review and consolidate contracted service costs. Scheduling coordination.

13 Proposed Areas for Cost Sharing with Town Areas under consideration: Purchasing Technology Transportation Maintenance

14 Meeting Our Financial Goal Reconfigure Decas and Minot Grade Levels Materials and Resources Reorganizing Special Education Cost sharing with the Town Closing of East Pre- School

15 Next Steps January 8, 2014 – FY15 Budget Presentation January 15, 2014 – FY15 Public Hearing with Town Administrator, Board of Selectmen, and Finance Committee January 29, 2015 – FY15 Budget Vote – School Committee

16 Questions / Next Steps 1.Are the measures to achieve our reduced budget acceptable? 1.Consultation with community, particularly on proposal to reconfigure our elementary schools. 2.Discussions with town to determine final budget number.

17 Input is Needed From Our Community Do we have our priorities correct? Is our FY15 budget acceptable to support our students in Wareham?


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