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EOC Survivor Season 4 The Three Branches of Government.

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1 EOC Survivor Season 4 The Three Branches of Government

2 Question 1 Name the 3 Constitutional requirements to be President. (35, 14 year residency, and a natural born citizen)

3 Question 2 What federal courts have only appellate jurisdiction? (The Courts of Appeals)

4 Question 3 What is a precedent? (A case others are based upon; a model)

5 Question 4 How many seats are there in the House of Representatives? (435)

6 Question 5 How do federal judges and justices get their jobs? (Appointed by the President, approved by the Senate)

7 Question 6 How many electoral votes does it take to become President? (270)

8 Question 7 What article of the Constitution established the judicial branch? (3)

9 Question 8 Define judicial review. (When the courts declare laws and actions unconstitutional)

10 Question 9 What is the opinion of the losing side in a Supreme Court case called? (Dissenting opinion)

11 Question 10 How many Supreme Court Justices are there? (9)

12 Question 11 How long do federal judges serve? (For life)

13 Question 12 What is the only court established by the Constitution? (U.S. Supreme Court)

14 Question 13 What is a formal accusation of wrongdoing called? (Impeachment)

15 Question 14 What are the 4 ways a federal judge or justice can lose their job? (Die, Retire, Resign or Be Impeached)

16 Question 15 What is original jurisdiction? (The authority to hear a case first)

17 Question 16 What is the President’s annual speech to Congress called? (The State of the Union Address)

18 Question 17 What is the leader of the lower house of Congress called? (Speaker of the House)

19 Question 18 What is a civil case? (Case that involves a dispute between two or more parties)

20 Question 19 In which Congressional District is Currituck County located? (The 3 rd )

21 Question 20 What is a criminal case? (Case where laws have been broken)

22 Question 21 How many women are on the Supreme Court? (3)

23 Question 22 How can Congress check judicial review? (Begin a Constitutional Amendment)

24 Question 23 What branch was established by Article 2 of the Constitution? (The Executive Branch)

25 Question 24 What case legalized abortion? (Roe v. Wade)

26 Question 25 What federal courts have original jurisdiction over most cases? (Federal District Courts)

27 Question 26 What case overturned Plessy v. Ferguson? (Brown v. Topeka BOE)

28 Question 27 In which house must all tax or appropriation bills begin? (The House of Representatives)

29 Question 28 How many electoral votes does N.C. have? (15)

30 Question 29 What case established that students do not shed rights at school? (Tinker v. Des Moines)

31 Question 30 What Article of the Constitution established the legislative branch? (Article I)

32 Question 31 Which house has the power to approve the President’s treaties & appointments? (The Senate)

33 Question 32 What branch sets the number of justices on the Supreme Court and their salaries? (Congress or legislative branch)

34 Question 33 What case established the right to an attorney? (Gideon v. Wainwright)

35 Question 34 About how many cases does the Supreme Court hear each session? (200)

36 Question 35 What case established the reading of your rights? (Miranda v. Arizona)

37 Question 36 What word means that the President refuses to sign a bill into law? (Veto)

38 Question 37 What branch interprets laws? (Judicial branch)

39 Question 38 What case established judicial review? (Marbury v. Madison)

40 Question 39 Who guards the President and his family for life? (The Secret Service)

41 Question 40 What case established interstate commerce is under federal control. (Gibbons v. Ogden)

42 Question 41 Who is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? (John Roberts)

43 Question 42 Where is the nearest federal courthouse? (Elizabeth City)

44 Question 43 How many members are there in the US Senate? (100)

45 Question 44 In what building does Congress meet? (The Capitol Building)

46 Question 45 Who chooses the party’s Vice Presidential candidate? (The party’s Presidential Candidate)

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