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Paris slideshow September 26 & 27, 2009 Frank Hope ya enjoy….

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1 Paris slideshow September 26 & 27, 2009 Frank Hope ya enjoy….

2 Price of fuel – smaller cars.

3 Napolean’s burial place

4 Eiffel Tower

5 Seine River

6 Eiffel Tower construction

7 Me at base of Eiffel Tower

8 Paris from Eiffel Tower’s first level

9 Another view of Paris from the first level of the Eiffel Tower

10 What a ride to the second level. Didn’t think we would stop climbing…

11 Breath taking

12 Built in 1898 – a remarkable feat

13 Still more from the second level

14 Seine River

15 Eiffel Tower elevator gears… ya gotta wonder

16 Arc de triomphe


18 Wide beautiful street leading away from Arc de triomphe

19 Bicycles are commonly used for transporation.

20 Monuments at every street intersection.

21 Hotel Ritz – Princess Di’s last evening

22 Louvre Museum – Winged Victory of Samathrace

23 Louvre Museum ceiling

24 Louvre Museum – Mona Lisa by Leonardo Di Vinci, 1503-1505

25 Louvre Museum painting


27 Louvre Museum – Virgin by the Rocks by Leonardo De Vinci, 1486

28 Louvre Museum – Christ Carrying of the Cross by Biagio d’Antonio, 1508

29 Louvre Museum – Fighting Warrior by Agasias of Ephesus, Circa 100BC

30 Louvre Museum glass roof – Tom Cruise Mission Impossible III

31 Military monuments and lots of old beautiful buildings.

32 Narrow streets now pedestrian only

33 Notre Dame Cathedral

34 Notre Dame Cathedral outside close up

35 Spectators as myself…..

36 Cathedral stained glass windows

37 A beautiful stained glass window

38 A baptism

39 Notre Dame Chapelle Saint Guillaume

40 Notre Dame model

41 Candleopera

42 Parisian native dress

43 Bicycles for rent

44 My Paris buddy shopping

45 Street entertainment

46 Parisian buildings and street light

47 Wide open pedestrian walkways

48 One of several Paris Police Stations

49 Paris Police

50 My Paris buddy and me in front of Notre Dame

51 Visitors and tourist and more of each

52 Can fit one or two of these into some of our gas hungry SUV’s

53 Flowered balconies

54 Our Seine River night cruise….

55 Doesn’t she look good?

56 Night time partiers all along Seine River banks

57 Eiffel Tower at night

58 Me and Eiffel Tower

59 My wonderful USO Paris tour ends except for the long bus ride back

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