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Strategies for Managing your Agency’s Investments

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1 Strategies for Managing your Agency’s Investments
Tim Johnson, CFA Managing Director Senior Fixed Income Strategist April 17, 2013

2 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Extension Risk
Assess portfolios to identify risks that could be very problematic. It is important to improve portfolio structure today to avoid potential pitfalls ahead. Both portfolios have a similar effective duration when interest rates are unchanged (notice today is “0” in the center of the two charts on the left). +300 bps shock - 5.16% total return Extension Risk What is it? What causes it? - 22.3% total return Time to Maturity Graph

3 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Coupon Type
Coupon Type Matters………

4 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Bond Coupon
Average Coupon Matters……… Source: Bondedge

5 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Fixed vs Floating
Fixed Rate Bullet vs Floating Rate Bullet Source: Bondedge

6 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Fixed vs Cushion Callable
Fixed Rate Bullet vs Fixed Cushion Callable Source: Bondedge

7 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics – Cushion Callable vs Floating
Fixed Cushion Callable vs Floating Rate Bullet Source: Bondedge

8 Portfolio Strategy & Analytics
Fed Funds and 30 year Treasury – yields on top and spreads below.

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