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James C. Greenwood President & CEO. The Future of Food and Fuel is Biotechnology.

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1 James C. Greenwood President & CEO

2 The Future of Food and Fuel is Biotechnology

3 Global Challenges Global Warming CO 2 Emissions Growing Population High Energy Prices Growing Energy Demand

4 Ethanol

5 Cellulosic Biomass: The New “Crude Oil” Corn stover Wood chips Sugar Cane Bagasse

6 Salmassi and Leadbetter The Pacific Dampwood Termite Zootermopsis angusticollis Courtesy of Jared Leadbetter, CalTech, Pasadena, CA

7 The Path to Ethanol from Cellulose Feedstock Collection Biotechnology Treatment Enzymes break cellulose into sugars Ferment sugars to ethanol Pretreatment Pulverize or grind feedstock to release cellulose Biotech enzyme Downstream Ethanol recovery & shipment *Source: Biotechnology Industry Organization

8 Biomass Potential More than 1 billion tons of agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops could be sustainably harvested by 2030 for biofuels production in the United States alone. 2007 USDA/DOE Study

9 Iogen Plant (Canada)

10 Abengoa Bioenergy Facility (Spain) Salamanca cellulosic biomass-to-ethanol plant

11 DOE Integrated Biorefinery Demonstration Projects Awarded Feb 28, 2007, $385 millionCompany Plant Location FeedstocksTechnologyCapacity Abengoa Bioenergy KansasCorn stover, wheat straw, milo stubble, switchgrass Enzymatic Hydrolysis 40 ML + power ALICOFloridaYard, wood, vegetative wastes Gasification- Fermentation 50 ML + power, H2, ammonia BlueFire Ethanol CaliforniaSorted green waste and wood waste from landfills Acid Hydrolysis75 ML PoetIowaCorn fiber, cobs, and stalksEnzymatic Hydrolysis 110 ML IogenIdahoWheat straw, corn stover, switchgrass, and rice straw Enzymatic Hydrolysis 70 ML Range Fuels GeorgiaWood residues and wood- based energy crops Gasification150 ML ethanol + methanol

12 1986-1995 115.15 bu/acre 1996-2005 137.7 bu/acre Average Corn Yield Up Since 1996 Introduction of Biotech Corn

13 Biotechnology Innovation Produces Food AND Fuel Yield growth of just 2 bushels per acre per year results in an additional 144 million bushels.* That additional corn could produce more than 403 million gallons of ethanol. * 10-year average 72 million harvested acres

14 Corn Stover Rice Straw & Hulls Wheat & Barley Straw Switch Grass Saw Dust & Wood Chips Sugar Cane & Waste (bagasse) Grass Clippings Other Agricultural Residues Waste Paper & Other Trash Abundant Cellulose Sources

15 A Global Opportunity

16 Creating the Future We Want Continued deployment of industrial and ag biotech improvements Supportive governmental policies The use of grain and cellulosic biomass Innovative and sustainable farming practices Farmers participating in the value chain The evolution of biorefineries to make multiple products


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