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UNODC response to support border protection issues and cross-border cooperation.

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1 UNODC response to support border protection issues and cross-border cooperation

2 NEED to KNOW In many instances there is no possibility to physically protect the borders – because of terrain, length (thousands of km), lack of human resources, etc.; Cross border issues and border protection are not limited to the physical border itself; Not limited to one country – as border always have “other” side (not vacuum); It is a part of the wider cooperation both at national and regional level.

3 Helping the countries to develop their capacities To use intelligence led approach Working across the borders Training Equipment To conduct operations special investigative techniques– for instance, controlled deliveries

4 Border liaison offices Exchange of information; Daily cooperation; Focal point; Relevant agencies involved; S.E.Asia and C.Asia Country A Police Customs Border Guards Others Country B Police Customs Border Guards Others

5 AIRCOP Risk assessment; Profiling of passengers; Building operational links between the countries and their airports (law enforcement) Developing this approach as part of a bigger law enforcement; AFRICA and LATIN AMERICA

6 Container Control Programme Addressing cross-border container shipments through: –Sea ports –Dry ports –Air ports (cargo) More details will follow.

7 Why Networks? Networks Coordination Information sharing CollaborationTrust -Promote/strengthen regional as well as national responses -Provide platforms and support for the exchange of information re: focal points, legal systems, procedures, & good practices -Establish contacts and build trust that facilitates information sharing and cooperation related to ongoing investigations/prosecutions

8 Promoting regional structures to support cross border and regional cooperation Prosecutorial and Central Authorities Law Enforcement Financial Intelligence

9 Prosecutorial and Central Authorities REFCO, WACAP, Central Asia, East Africa, Gulf States Focal points, Regular meetings Cooperation in criminal matters MLA and Extradition

10 10 Law Enforcement Ensuring exchange of criminal intelligence; Coordinating multilateral operations; Serving as a platform for operational initiatives – for instance meetings of the case officers investigating real cases Joint Planning Cell – Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan Gulf Criminal Intelligence Centre to Combat Drugs (GCIC) - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & UAE CARICC – Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan; Others

11 11 Networking the Networks CARICC GCIC JPC SELEC Interpol WCO APICC Europol

12 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION (to be followed by CCP presentation) Tofik Murshudlu Chief ISS/OCB/DTA

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