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UNODC in Latin America and the Caribbean Videoconference UNODC – OAS Committee on Hemispheric Security 14 August 2008.

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1 UNODC in Latin America and the Caribbean Videoconference UNODC – OAS Committee on Hemispheric Security 14 August 2008

2 UNODC: MENU OF SERVICES Ratification & Implementation of UNODC Conventions International Cooperation in criminal matters Asset Recovery Fight against Organized Crime Corruption Prevention/Money Laundering Criminal Justice Reform Fight against Drug Trafficking Crime Prevention/ Urban Violence 1

3 Ratification and Implementation of the UN Conventions against Transnational Organized Crime, Corruption, and the 13 Conventions against Terrorism Services: Bridging differences in legal systems. Building human and institutional capacity. Strengthening institutional structures. 2


5 Corruption: Placement of an Anti-Corruption Adviser in selected Govt institutions in LAC. Development and implementation of national anti-corruption legislation and policies, in accordance with UNCAC. e.g. support to the General Controllers Office in Brazil. Joint work with the WB in Asset Recovery (StAR). Money-Laundering: Advisory Programme in collaboration with GAFI. Provision of tools such as the IMoLIN, goAML, goCASE, goATR. Terrorism: Legislative and specialized Technical Assistance provided to 13 LAC countries Specialised Workshops for Judicial Officers 4

6 Organized Crime: Legislative assistance for criminalization, including witness protection. Joint development of the Model Witness Protection Law for Latin America. Support of the criminal justice system in the prevention, investigation and prosecution of THB. Trafficking in Human Beings: Development and implementation of a National Anti-Trafficking Strategy. Elaboration of a comprehensive study on THB and its transnational dimension. Joint programming with UN agencies in the GIFT initiative. Smuggling of Migrants: Adoption of adequate legislative frameworks, capacity-building of law enforcement, prosecution and the judiciary, strengthening international and regional cooperation and prevention through awareness campaigns. (Andean Region). Trafficking in Arms Developing training, information, promotion, technical assistance, prevention and regulation strategies, involving relevant national institutions.. Computer Based Training (CBT) for Law Enforcement and Money Laundering. 5

7 Drug Trafficking: UNODC has been providing assistance at a global level, particularly with CICAD/OAS in Latin America and the Caribbean. Activities: Control Deliveries. Global Container Control Programme in collaboration with WCO Precursors Control Special Investigative Techniques in cooperation with Interpol Law Enforcement and Intelligence Cooperation against Cocaine Trafficking from Latin America to West Africa, in cooperation with Interpol and Europol. 6

8 Crime Prevention/ Fight against Urban Violence: Crime Prevention: South-South Project in Southern Africa and the Caribbean Regions Identified Best Practices in Crime Prevention. Handbook to be Published. Labour Market (Re)Integration of Youth at Risk. Economic Inclusion of Youth at Risk: Inter-agency collaboration between UNODC, UNHABITAT Safer Cities Programme and UNIDO 7

9 Criminal Justice Reform: Integrity of Criminal Justice Institutions. Prison Reform/ Alternatives to Imprisonment. Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit. Juvenile Justice: Strengthening child and youth- sensitive justice systems. Access to Justice: Restorative Justice. Improve capacity to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate complex crimes. 8

10 Conclusions Next Steps: Strengthen partnerships with OAS/SEGIB/CARICOM/SICA. Joint work with CARICOM in support to Security Strategy. Develop and implement integrated (drug & crime) programmes in LAC. Promote balanced approach in support of Preventive and Repressive Measures. Strengthen international cooperation in criminal matters. 9

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