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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Basics Don Gulliver February 9, 2013.

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1 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Basics Don Gulliver February 9, 2013

2 Introducing … Yacht Systems Services, Inc. Systems Approach Marine electrical and electronics Corrosion control Sanitation systems Air conditioning and refrigeration Industry-certified and factory trained staff All technicians are ABYC certified 14 years in business

3 Introducing … Don Gulliver 30 years of experience in military, commercial and recreational marine systems (design, maintenance and repair) ABYC certified Master Technician Marine electrical Marine air conditioning and refrigeration Marine corrosion

4 What is ABYC? American Boat and Yacht Council Writes the industry standards for construction and repair of recreational vessels. Trains and certifies marine service professionals Visit for certified

5 What we will cover AC & Refrigeration Basics Components Theory Application – installation/operation/maintenance Troubleshooting

6 Refrigeration Components Compressor Condenser Metering device (capillary tube) Evaporator Reefer/freezer box

7 Refrigeration Theory (only as much as a boat owner needs to know) What is refrigeration? Removal of heat The refrigeration cycle

8 Refrigeration Installation Power considerations Amp-hour requirements Battery sizing Wiring One step up on gauge size Circuit protection device Controls Digital or analog

9 Refrigeration Installation Condenser Air to air Water to air Keel cooler Ducting Remove the heat!

10 Refrigeration Installation Equipment locations Compressor/condenser Evaporator Reefer/freezer box Insulation Openings Air circulation Linesets & Charging

11 Refrigeration Operation Temperature settings Refrigeration Freezer

12 Refrigeration Operation Monitoring run-time Monitoring amp-hour usage Improving performance Box load Seals Circulation Ice assist

13 Refrigeration Troubleshooting Poor cooling performance Can’t maintain temperature Cools box intermittently Compressor not running Effects of Over/Under Charging Uneven cooling in box

14 Refrigeration FAQ’s Does frost inhibit cooling? Cooling Load Why does the box frost up? Low pressure in the box What to do if unit is not cooling normally? Turn it off! Is my system working at peak performance? Instrumented tests

15 Air Conditioning What is air conditioning? Modifying sensible temperature Controlling humidity Removing pollutants

16 Air Conditioning Components The refrigerant loop Compressor, condenser, capillary tube, evaporator The seawater loop Seacock, strainer, heat exchanger, discharge Air flow Blower, ducting, vents, filter

17 Air Conditioning Components Electrical Power 120/240 Amperage Start Up demand Controls Analog Digital

18 Air Conditioning Theory – Again, abbreviated explanation The refrigeration cycle Cooling – How it works Removing humidity (latent heat) Removing heat (sensible) Heating – How it works Electric strip heat Use of reverse cycle heating


20 Air Conditioning Installation Sizing system “Sailboat” cool “Sportfish” cool Remote (split) or self contained system? Noise Space requirements

21 Air Conditioning Installation Power Amperage/wattage 30A or 50A? How does this affect the rest of the boat? A/C with water heaters, microwaves, etc Linesets & Charging Self Contained Remote (split) Systems

22 Air Conditioning Installation Seawater Materials and types of components Seacock, strainer, heat exchanger, discharge Air cooled or water cooled pump No brass or cheap plastics Location of components

23 Air Conditioning Installation Ducting Duct type Size Routing Bends Excesses Restrictions Condensate Box or bilge?

24 Air Conditioning Operation Monitor differential temperature Run time Set-point selection

25 Air Conditioning Maintenance Keep it clean! Strainer Filter Condensate pan Condenser coil Winterize Seawater system Condensate drain

26 Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Circuit breaker trips Unit is freezing up Effects of Over/Under Charge High pressure fault Low pressure fault Unit not cooling Seawater pump not running No water flow

27 Questions? Don Gulliver (757) 422-9689

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