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Save Energy and Money PNM Energy Efficiency Programs

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1 Save Energy and Money PNM Energy Efficiency Programs

2 Why Energy Efficiency? PNM incentives and rebates keep electric rates lower for a longer period of time by delaying the need for new power plants. Saves you money.

3 It’s the Best Way to Save Energy and Money
Residential Programs Home Lighting Discounts Refrigerator Recycling Rebates CFL Distribution PNM Power Saver Energy Efficiency: It’s the Best Way to Save Energy and Money

4 Home Lighting Discount
. Encourages replacement of old-style light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) Offers instant discounts on CFLs at participating stores across PNM service territory. Current list available at Specialty bulbs can also be ordered at

5 Replacement savings per bulb, per year (approx.)
CFLs Use 75% less electricity and last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. CFLs placed in a frequently used lamp can save about $35 or more over the lifetime of the bulb. Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs can shave as much as $41* off an annual electric bill. *Amount based on use of CFLs in 10 lamps. Incandescent watts CFL Watts Replacement savings per bulb, per year (approx.) 60 13 $3.81 75 18 $4.62 100 25 $6.08 150 40 $8.95

6 Refrigerator Recycling Rebate
Get $30 for recycling an old refrigerator or freezer. Must be in working condition, 10 to 27-cubic feet in size. Dorm-size refrigerators do not qualify. Limit of two refrigerators and/or freezers per household. The old unit will be hauled away and ~95% of it will be recycled. Rebate check will be mailed four to six weeks after pick-up. A refrigerator manufactured before 1995 can use up to three times more energy than a newer model. Save up to $175 a year in electricity costs by recycling and not replacing an extra, working unit.

7 CFL Distribution PNM partners with local and statewide agencies to distribute CFL bulbs at community events around the state. Approximately 50,000 CFLs will be distributed between September 2009 and May 2010.

8 PNM Power Saver This free program cuts peak electricity use during a few select summer days. Participants have a device connected to the central refrigerated air conditioner. A signal from PNM turns the compressor on and off a few minutes each half hour when activated. Participants receive a $25 check each year.

9 Business Programs New Construction Retrofit Rebates PNM Quick Saver
Refrigerator Recycling PNM Peak Saver PNM Power Saver Energy Star Homes

10 New Construction Rebates
Offers rebates for projects that are more energy efficient than current New Mexico building code. Beat current code on a new building by 10%: Receive 8¢ per estimated first-year kilowatt hours saved. Beat current code by 20%: Receive 10¢ per estimated first-year kilowatt hours saved. Enhanced commissioning incentives are also available. Visit for details and an application

11 Option #1: Select from a pre-set menu and receive rebates for each unit installed. Applies to:
Lighting HVAC and chillers VFDs and motors Window film Vending machines Controllers Option #2: With the custom option, receive rebates to reduce energy use with equipment not included on the pre-set menu. Rebates are calculated using $0.06 per estimated first year kilowatt hour (kWh) saved. Retrofit Rebates

12 Quick Saver Program Provides smaller businesses (demand less than 100 kW) with lighting and refrigeration measures. Program contractors offer energy savings analysis. Contractors install energy efficient products. Qualifying businesses pay little or no cost for the installed measures.

13 Refrigerator Recycling Similar to the residential program - Rebate: $30 per unit - For refrigerator or freezer units in working condition - Must be 10 to 27 cubic ft. residential style Business customers can recycle an unlimited number of units.

14 PNM Peak Saver Large business customers receive quarterly incentives for reducing the amount of energy they use during peak-demand days. Incentive amount based on total amount of electricity managed by the program. Call your account manager or visit to learn more and to sign up.

15 PNM Power Saver Similar to residential program. Participants receive a $25 rebate on an annual basis for refrigeration units. Medium-sized business customers using 50kW and 150kW of electricity per month can get $9 per ton of refrigerated air conditioning ($25 per kW) annually.

16 ENERGY STAR® Homes Homebuilders can receive a rebate for ENERGY STAR-qualified homes which exceed local building requirements built in the PNM service area. Three rebate levels based on HERS Index energy ratings: AMOUNT HERS Index rating Tier I - $ Tier II - $ – 70 Tier III - $1, or lower

Build a new home to ENERGY STAR standards (which exceed local code requirements). Arrange for a qualified HERS rater to inspect the new home. The HERS rater will issue an energy rating. The rating must be equal to or less than 85 to receive a rebate. Submit the documentation required. Rebate checks issued in six to eight weeks.

18 Thank You Contact: Melissa Leymon Email: melissa. leymon@pnm
Thank You Contact: Melissa Leymon Phone: (505) or visit

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