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Joanna Vanderpool, M.B.A. Concurrent Credit Coordinator.

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1 Joanna Vanderpool, M.B.A. Concurrent Credit Coordinator

2  Registration Process  Online Grading  Password Management  Concurrent Credit forms  Drop Form  Academic Petition  Change of Grade  Transcript Requests  Instructor Benefits Questions? Contact Concurrent Credit at: Phone: 208-467-8373 Email:

3 Registration  Complete personal information  List all classes  Sign and date at the bottom  Include payment (check/cash)  To pay with a credit card, register online at (social security number is required)  Deadlines:  Fall: November 15  Spring: February 15

4 Online Grading Go to Enter your username and password Contact the Concurrent Credit Office if you have questions: (208-467-8373 or

5 Online Grading Choose OFF-CAMPUS ADJUNCT

6 Online Grading Make sure the filter is set to the correct semester (FALL SEMESTER - FA 2013 or SPRING SEMESTER - SP 2014)

7 Online Grading Your course(s) should be listed Click on the course to enter individual grades for students with the drop down box Do not enter grades for incorrect enrollment Enter grades at one time, save before closing

8 Change of Grade  HOW TO COMPLETE:  Enter student information (CCP Office usually can complete this area if you provide the student name)  Enter previous grade and correct grade  State reason for change of grade  SIGN AND DATE at the bottom of the form  REASONS TO SUBMIT:  Incorrect grade was entered  Student was approved through an academic petition and a grade must be entered

9 Drop Form A “W” will appear on the official student transcript  HOW TO COMPLETE:  Enter student information  Include Student and Parent Signature  SIGN AND DATE after including last day of student attendance  REASONS TO SUBMIT:  Failing the class  Switch classes  Moved schools Let the CCP Office know if a student is not enrolled in your college course at the high school, we can drop them on our end without a “W”

10 Academic Petition  HOW TO COMPLETE:  State request in Student portion  Instructor must sign with a recommendation to approve or deny petition.  Did the student complete the required work?  Is this a legitimate request?  CCP will complete the last section  REASONS TO SUBMIT:  Registration form was lost  REASONS NOT TO SUBMIT:  I did not have money for tuition  Forgot to ask parents  Didn’t know it would transfer

11 Change Your Password Click on PERSONAL INFO Click on PASSWORD Enter old password and new password, click SAVE

12 Transcript Request  HOW TO COMPLETE:  Click on General Transcript  Student must submit form  Personal information  Transcript destination  Payment  5-7 business days to process  FEES:  Official Transcript: $10  Unofficial Transcript: $3  Rush Order: $25 Office of the Registrar: Phone: 208-467-8545 Email:

13 Instructor Benefits  NNU ID Card: receive yours during lunch in the Brandt Center lobby.  Professional Development: Earn three (3) free continuing education credits for teaching with Concurrent Credit. Register online (, contact CCP office for promo code.  Desk Copy: upon request, one complimentary textbook for your course.  Riley Library Access: contact Concurrent Credit Office to use library resources (  Johnson Sports Center: free access with NNU ID Card.  NNU Bookstore: receive 20% discount on merchandise, textbooks not included (

14 Additional Information  Online Grading:  Password Management:  Concurrent Credit wesbsite and forms:  Online Registration:  Transcript Request: (minimal fee for this service) Thank you for your work!! Concurrent Credit Program 623 S University Blvd. Nampa, ID 83686 Phone: 208-467-8373 Fax: 208-467-8426 Email:

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