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Fundraising 101. Overview of UTK Fundraising Program.

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1 Fundraising 101

2 Overview of UTK Fundraising Program

3 Role of Development and Alumni Affairs in the Journey to the Top 25  Increased Resources – specifically endowment growth, faculty funding, scholarships, graduate fellowships, and capital projects  Communications/Improved Reputation – we serve as a “voice” for the journey and can mobilize our 200,000+ alumni to be advocates  Student Recruitment & Retention – in addition to providing financial assistance, we have student alumni programming that provide opportunities for students to be engaged at UT increasing the likelihood of them being “retained”

4 Benchmarking UTK’s Fundraising Program against the Top 25  Endowment ~ $500M behind  Annual Private Support ~ $25-$40M behind (gifts received)  Alumni Participation Rate Gap – 4% (10,000 alumni donors) behind

5 Benchmarking UTK’s Fundraising Program against the SEC  Endowment Size– 11 th place  Annual Private Support – 10 th place  Alumni Participation Rate – 14 th place

6  Completed – December 31, 2011  $860M received for UTK (against goal of $610M)

7 Questions  When does the next mega-campaign start?  Do our donors have “campaign fatigue”?  What are the funding priorities?  How big will the goal be?

8 Mega-Campaigns  Organized around strategic plans with clear funding priorities  Provides public pressure to achieve ambitious fundraising goals which motivates deans, chancellors, and development officers  Establishes a high level of giving achieved during a campaign that is sustained in the post-campaign era.

9 Mega-Campaigns  Includes large, transformational gifts  Motivated by mega-campaign goal or university strategic plan?  Success is highly dependent upon small percentage of the donors  During the Campaign for Tennessee, 13 of the donors provided 39% of the total dollars to UTK campus

10 Significant Changes at UTK in last 3 years  Resource Reduction – State support decreased by $60 million  Leadership Transition – Chancellor, numerous Deans & Department Heads hired  New Challenge – To become a Top 25 Public Research University  Completed Campaign for Tennessee – Receiving over $860M for UTK and $110M for UTIA

11 Our Strategy The university has decided to begin a new fundraising initiative – “Investing in the Journey to the Top 25” – immediately. It is widely anticipated that this fundraising initiative will transition into a campaign once a handful of key eight figure gifts can be secured.

12 Investing in the Journey to the Top 25  Aligned with Vol Vision/Top 25  In campaign mode – but not officially in a campaign  Focused on major ($25K+), leadership ($1M+), and principal ($5M+) gifts  Working with ~8/9 year goals for units and priorities  Not officially in a “campaign” until we secure 5 eight- figure gifts

13 Investing in the Journey to the Top 25  Significant emphasis on faculty funding  Transparent reports for tracking progress towards key priorities to be shared with academic leadership  Fundraising drive will provide the backdrop to improve the comprehensive fundraising program at UTK  Timeline ~ 2012-2020

14 Tentative Funding Goals by Priorities  Faculty Funding - $150 million in chairs, professorships, and faculty awards

15 Tentative Funding Goals by Priorities  Undergraduate Education - $100 million in financial scholarships (Tennessee Pledge & Promise) and $100 million in merit based scholarships

16 Tentative Funding Goals by Priorities  Graduate Education - $50 million in graduate scholarships and fellowships

17 Tentative Funding Goals by Priorities  Research and Creative Activity – TBD

18 Tentative Funding Goals by Priorities  Resource Base - $400 million in additional strategic unit priorities

19 Improve the Comprehensive Fundraising Program  Becoming a top five fundraising program in the SEC by 2020 as measured by all commonly used metrics; up from being currently ranked between 8 th and 14 th place depending on the metric.  Developing alumni programs that communicate the importance of alumni participation – as investors and advocates – in the Journey to the Top 25.  Develop a stewardship program that provides our donors with the best stewardship experience of any charitable organization that they support.

20 How Can You Help?  Continue to do your great work! – these gifts are made as a validation of the work of UT’s faculty and students  Help create a culture that values and appreciates private support from alumni and friends – they have a multitude of other organizations they could support  It is in enlightened self-interest to pay attention to those who have given; as they will most likely give again

21 How Can You Help?  Share leads with your development office  Be willing to participate in a fundraising call or alumni reception  Spend the resources generously given to your unit  Call, write, or visit a donor to say “thank you” and share with them the impact of their support.

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